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New Bloom Double Electric Breast Pump

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The New Bloom Double Electric Breast Pump makes breastfeeding a breeze! Using advanced, microcomputer technology, this comfortable, fully-customizable pump is designed to deliver increased milk expression in less time, so you can provide the nourishment your baby needs and enjoy more time to spend in the moments you love. Boasting a list of convenient, gentle, easy-to-use features, this pump promises to work double-time to ensure an effortless, efficient breastfeeding experience.

Product Features

  • Bespoke, calibrated microcomputer technology and expression system allows for more milk production in less time
  • USB power supply for convenient, on-the-go use (You can even charge it in your car if you’re away from home!)
  • Soft-light display for easy readability without eyestrain —  even in low-light settings
  • Quiet, compact motor
  • BPA-free materials and soft, silicone-lined flange inserts for safe and comfortable expression
  • 5 comfort levels for Stimulation mode from soft to intensive tempo to massage and stimulate comfortable milk flow
  • 9 comfort levels for Express mode with moderate to strong tempo encouraging a steady, productive let-down of milk
  • Airtight, anti-backflow design protects milk from contamination by keeping it completely separate from the pump motor and tubing, ensuring that both breastmilk and pump are always hygienic and clean
  • Easily-adjustable speed and suction levels for maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  • Up to 2 hours of battery life when fully charged
  • Can be used as a Single Pump
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    Cynthia C.
    No more ripping off my nips!

    I always dread the initial start up of an electric breast pump, one day I think my nips will actually be ripped off... but with new bloom double pump there is no more being nervous. Beginning a pumping session is extremely gentle and comfortable. The battery life isn't as long as some pumps I have used but it charges quickly. I really like this pump and would recommend to my mom friends.

    Doris E.
    Little life saver!

    This breast pump has saved my sanity! Its small size, minimal noise and incredible functions has allowed me to build up a freezer stash that using my old electric pump was little more than some wishful thinking. After trying this pump for a few weeks now I have managed to consistently express enough milk to not have to worry about having Dad and his useless nipples stay home with the kids! I love the let down mode to get the milk flowing and that I can swap back to the let down mode from the expressing mode as needed to give it a boost. I believe this is what has led to being able to successfully pump this time around, whereas I had to put my first on formula when I went out as no matter what I tried, I just couldn't respond to that pump at all. Thank you so much New Bloom! I will be recommending this pump to all new moms!

    Julia J.
    Efficient, comfortable, quiet and so easy!

    I would definitely recommend the New Bloom Breast Pump to anyone and everyone!! It was sooo easy!!! I was able to connect it all up and because it was so quiet, I was able to express while sitting there watching tv. The different levels of stimulation and suction were great as I was able to customize it depending on when I expressed (whether it was close after breastfeeding or much later). I loved the function of the time as I was able to gain an idea of how long it would take me to express a certain amount of milk. I also loved that it was a double as I could express a large amount of milk in very little time! The New Bloom Breast Pump was also very easy to clean and reassemble afterward. The stands for the bottles were also very handy as it meant no spilled milk! I loved everything about the New Bloom Breast Pump and I found it to be no comparison to another manual breast pump I have previously used. I would hands down recommend New Bloom as my first choice electric breast pump!

    Emily C.
    Efficient, convenient and comfortable

    I loved using this pump! I usually dread pumping but I enjoyed using this pump and finally seeing some milk build up! I loved the bottle sizes too. Especially as I used them after skipping a feed so they seemed to fill up quite quickly!

    Kathryn S.
    Great design for pumping on the go

    At some point in almost every breastfeeding moms journey you will find youself wanting or needing to pump milk. For the last 3 weeks my littlest man has been ill and losing weight which is concerning as he's only 6 weeks old. I've needed to express so that I could monitor how much he was drinking and to give him a bit of a rest by drinking from a bottle and letting the pump do the hard work on the boob instead. All of this has meant my New Bloom double electric breast pump has received quite a work out. I love that it is a complete kit and comes with the pump plus all the bottles and teats you need. The only thing that would make it more perfect would be if it came with a travel case. Upon unboxing I had a moment of thinking the pump was missing it's most important part, the motor! However I soon found it and was amazed at how tiny it was! Assembly was really simple and I was soon set up ready to go. I love that the pump is battery operated with an easy to use USB recharging cable. I started the pump in stimulation mode as instructed. I gradually moved up the suction levels. Unfortunately this mode stops at level 5 suction which was still a little too gentle to initiate my let down. I decided to try the extraction mode and very quickly the milk started to flow. So don't despair if the stimulation mode isn't strong enough for you because the extraction mode goes up to level 9 which will give even the most vigorous feeding baby a run for it's money. Once I got the best modes for me figured out the milk was quickly extracted and within 20mins I had drained both sides. The pump is quiet enough that I can use it next to my sleeping baby without disturbing him. The size is deceptive as this small pump packs a punch and is the perfect companion for any breastfeeding Momma.

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