How to Use a Nursing Bra?

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Have you ever wondered how to use nursing bra/s? This article is here to help.

Getting the right nursing bra is important. It will help your physical and mental health.

A quality nursing bra should be easy to use. When your baby is crying, you need fast access to your breast.

Your full cup nursing bras should help make breastfeeding easier. The bras should have:

  • Wide straps for extra support especially when your breasts are full with milk.
  • Soft and highly absorbent fabrics for you and the baby.
  • Adjustable fabric to accommodate your breast cups at different fullness levels.
  • Nursing pads in place to reduce leakage when you're not feeding the baby.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find one nursing bra that ticks all these boxes.

How to Choose a Nursing Bra

Before choosing a nursing bra, you need to understand how your breasts will change.

Each breast will grow to accommodate increased milk production. They will also change in size before and after breastfeeding.

From the 16th week of pregnancy, your breasts will start to grow. The changes occur as hormone production in your body increases. These changes will differ from one mother to another. One woman will experience noticeable changes in breast volume while another will experience little change.

Some of the changes you will experience once each breast starts filling up with milk include:

  • Tenderness on your nipples and breast.
  • A change in sensation. One breast or both become more sensitive to touch.
  • An increase in breast size. They will continue to grow until after the first weeks of nursing.
  • Change in color on your breast and nipples. The areola may become darker.
  • Growth and visibility of the Montgomery glands. The glands produce sebaceous oils to lubricate your nipples for easier nursing.
  • Small leaks of colostrum, a straw-colored, milk-like fluid, from your nipples in preparation for breastfeeding.

Towards the end of your pregnancy, the cells producing milk get bigger. This makes your breasts and nipples bigger and more sensitive. It is important you wear bras with the right cup support.

As these changes happen, your breasts may also feel uncomfortable or painful.  Changing to a nursing bra with a soft cup can help you feel more comfortable. The cup choice on your bras can also influence your confidence.

Find the Right Nursing Bras for Your Breasts

As your body changes, you need a couple of nursing bras to wear to help you stay comfortable and healthy.

You should start shopping for bras, nursing leggings, and other baby accessories.

First, you must find the right bras for breastfeeding. The choice you make is important. Without the help of bras and cups designed for nursing, you may find the first attempts at nursing your child more difficult than necessary.

You can start looking for one when your breasts have done most of their changes; around the eighth month of your pregnancy. You will know a well-fitting nursing bra if:

  • You wear it and your breasts fill the cup with no bulging on the top, bottom, or sides. If you wear a nursing bra while pregnant, make sure you get a snug fit on the innermost hook. This leaves you with enough room to expand or tighten the bra as your breasts change.
  • The strap at the back of the bra fits well without pressing into your back or riding up towards your shoulder. When you wear it, it should fall comfortably across your back without digging in. Pay attention to the band size for extra support.
  • The shoulder straps stay in place when you move your arms or shoulders. Your nursing bras should not affect movement.
  • The under-band below your boobs lies close to the body when you wear the bra.  Good bras should go round to the back and stay on the same level even when you move your body.

Why Does Finding a Well-Fitting Nursing Bra Matter?

1. A Nursing Bra Adjusts as Your Breasts Change

Nursing bras are designed to accommodate your breasts as they change in size over time. At first, you'll notice your cup size may change by a cup size or more as milk production changes.

You will also notice your breasts start to spill out of the cups of your bras.

Maternity bras can accommodate these changes because:

  • They come with flexible fabric across the cup. The fabric can expand and shrink as your cup size changes, giving you the perfect fit at all times.
  • They offer up to 6 hooks at the back making it easy for you to adjust the bra as needed.
  • They also have adjustable pads in place you can add or remove for a snug or loose fit.
2. A Nursing Bra Prevents Health Complications

If you use ill-fitting nursing bras, even without breastfeeding,  they will negatively affect your health. While nursing, the nursing bras you choose can affect your ability to feed your baby.

Your choice in bras can also affect your mental well-being. 

Researchers associate several nursing-related complications to wearing the wrong maternity bras while breastfeeding, for example:


Mastitis is an inflammation of breast tissue. It causes pain, swelling, tenderness, and warmth. Often, it can develop into an infection with dire consequences. It can affect milk production and your ability to feed your baby.

Mastitis can affect both men and women but affects nursing mothers most often.

One of the leading causes of mastitis is wearing ill-fitting bras. When your nursing bra is too tight, it presses on breast tissue. This blocks the milk ducts and leads to inflammation. 

You must get the cup size on your bras right.

If you use the wrong bra or a bra with an underwire while nursing, it will create unnecessary pressure on the breast. In extreme cases, the wrong bra while nursing can cause tissue injury leading to an infection.

Blocked Duct

While nursing, you need to make choices that encourage the flow of milk. By choosing an ill-fitting nursery bra or cup size, you create extra pressure on your breasts. This affects the flow of milk and your nursing schedule.

Over time, this can lead to milk duct blockage. The blockage creates lumps within your breasts and makes nursing painful.

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Find a Comfortable Nursing Bra

Through pregnancy and in the first stages of motherhood, you will have a lot to juggle.

At this time, you need to invite as much comfort as you can into your life. While there is a lot you cannot control, a quality nursing bra will help make a big difference.

You need a nursing bra to give you support, adjust to fit your body, and also help give you access when you need to feed.

A comfortable nursing bra will:

  • Come with soft and breathable fabric. The bra will feel soft on both you and your baby’s skin.
  • Protect you from neck and back pain especially as your breasts get bigger. Heavier breasts exert pressure on the curvature of the upper spine, straining the back. A quality nursing bra will transfer the weight of your breasts closer to your natural center of gravity. Giving you the right support and boosting your confidence. With a quality nursing bra, you don’t have to worry about boob spillage. You can wear your favorite clothes without worrying about:
    • Awkward breast shapes from a bra that is too tight.
    • Access to the breasts when you need to feed. Nursing bras come with front-facing clasps you can access when you need to feed or express.
    • Discomfort while moving around. Your boobs get the support you need from a bra to go on with your daily tasks. 

How to Find a Functional Nursing Bra for Different Occasions

After birth, your life continues. Whether you choose to start breastfeeding your baby or not, you must invest in a quality nursing bra to support this new stage in your life.

New Bloom Maternity offers nursing bras for every occasion. While shopping for a bra, you can pick one from:  

The Everyday Maternity Bra

This is the nursing bra you need for everyday tasks and responsibilities. It is a must-have bra you can wash and wear while nursing your baby from home.

The bra will support you with:

  • A higher neckline for optimal support even with repeated use.
  • Flexible fabrics to accommodate your breasts throughout the day.
  • Super supportive cups on the bra with a wire-free frame for extra comfort.
  • Breathable, machine-washable double fabric, making the bra ideal for everyday wear.
  • Removable padding you can use to protect you from milk leaks in between nursing breaks.
  • Drop-down clasps for easy one-handed use while nursing your baby.

The Sleeping Maternity Bra

This is the perfect choice for mothers who need to wear a nursing bra throughout the night. It comes with removable nursing pads for those who experience milk leakage at night. Other characteristics include:

  • Flexibility to expand up to 3 sizes making it easy to sleep in a bra even when milk production increases at night.
  • A blend of cotton and elastin for a snug and comfortable fit throughout the night.
  • No underwires, buttons, or clips on the nursing bras. This reduces the risk of having a hard surface pressing on your breasts.

"The most comfortable nursing bra ever! I used it right through and even after breastfeeding." 

The Beautiful Maternity Bra

This nursing bra offers the comfort and usability of a nursing bra with the style and fit of a high-fashion bra. The beautiful nursing bra is the perfect bra for outings with your new baby.

Beautiful nursing bras come with:

  • A touch of lace and a bow to make you feel fabulous.
  • Flexible sizing from ‘small to plus’ size. For women who need a nursing bra with a smaller band size and a bigger cup size, such as a 32DD.
  • Drop-down clasps for easy nursing even when you feed your baby in public.
  • A demi-cup option on the bra for those looking for less coverage.

Which Nursing Bra Should You Buy?

While breastfeeding, you only need three nursing bras. Two everyday nursing bras and a beautiful one for dress-up days.

But, there is no limit. You can choose maternity bras for support, comfort, and style.

Do not settle on one style; you can find nursing bras for every occasion.

You can choose from a wide variety of nursing bras available at New Bloom Maternity to suit your lifestyle. 

With New Bloom Maternity, you can purchase a bra, nursing essentials, leggings, and breast pumps. 

Start shopping today from the comfort of your home.

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