Top 5 Riveting Birth Stories

Beautiful mother hugging baby girl at home

Yes, YOU super mom.

You did that (or are about to).

Like the countless women around the world who have come before you. You got into the birthing pool or delivery room and you gave birth.

The pregnancy may have been uncomfortable and the labor long. But you showed up (in the best maternity bra out there).

And now you have your own birth story or birth stories.

You brought your beautiful baby (or two) into the world and we couldn’t be happier for you.

In fact, we celebrate strong women and new moms like you. So much so that this post is all about you. It’s all about your stories, your birth stories.

Consider this our little private invite-only slumber party. Grab your popcorn and buckle up for some of the most heart-warming birthing stories.

Birth Story 1: Positivity With a Twist

So this particular mom had her pregnancy experience and birth all figured out. She thought she knew everything there was to know about birth stories.

Like most women, she’d soaked up every ounce of medical information. And birth stories from every mom blog around the world.

She knew exactly what she wanted: a natural birth (on her back). And zero pain - every woman’s dream birth story, wouldn’t you say so?

So she religiously drove 86 miles out of town for every appointment, for the best healthcare. Better. Her town’s healthcare isn’t so reliable.

15 days before her due date she wakes up to a morning riddled with sharp gas pains. “It must be the raw cookie dough”, she thinks.

Just after she takes a shower to ease the discomfort, she feels a strong punch while laying in bed. (Probably dressed in a really comfortable maternity bra).

Next thing she knows, there’s water everywhere!

Unlike most women, she experiences a complete sense of calm?

“From the moment my water broke, I felt this complete sense of calm. My contractions were decently close together. So we (my husband and I) gathered our (thankfully) packed bags and set out on our 86 mile journey.”

This is right before she continues to push water and waddles into the labor and delivery, soaked to the bone.

She learns she’s dilated to a 4. Severe contractions begin so she gives in to the epidural. Thankfully, she’s surrounded by a soothing team of nurses and an anesthesiologist.

And by 6:20 pm, after 40 minutes of pushing, her new boy makes his way into the world. Followed by torrential tears.

She’s a firm believer in positive thinking. Anticipate good outcomes, share these intentions with the world repeatedly. And you just may get what you hope for.

“I’m super proud of myself for remaining calm and going with my gut throughout the whole process. I know without the epidural I’d be tenser and things would’ve been more complicated for me personally. I’m so happy to have him here. We celebrate his original due date on Saturday (Feb 15th). I’ll always be so happy that he came early so that I could love him sooner.”

May we just take a moment to cry over this one?

Ready for more birth stories? Read on.

Birth Story 2: Birth to Three Babies in Ten Minutes

This may be one of the most dramatic birth stories yet.

This first-time mother was induced at 37 weeks due to low fluid and high blood pressure,

“They gave me Pitocin at noon and broke my water at around 2 pm, and contractions came hard and fast. I was squeezing my husband's hands so hard during contractions, I blew out my IV. So they were redoing my IV while they were setting up to give me an epidural”.

Convinced she had another hour before the birth, her nurse leaves her in the room with her husband. While her mother in law grabs dinner and her parents chat in the waiting room.

Everything seems to be going according to the birth plan until she really has to push. "Well don't do that, just try to hold it," says the nurse.

And so the action-packed drama characteristic of all birth stories ensues.

The nurse checks her at exactly 6:07 pm and she’s dilated to a 10 - the head is in full view!

So she runs out of the room, calls the midwife who happens to be in the middle of a c-section birth...twins.

Twins, can you believe it?

Next thing you know Mr. Midwife is sprinting down the hall to her room after the birth of one twin. Surgery scrubs ripped off and everything!

He delivers her baby bursting with health at 6:13 pm. Then sprints back down the hall to birth the other twin.

“My baby was out in two pushes. It was so wild.”

“So wild” is an understatement. Three babies in 10 minutes? Read: super wild.

He probably still brags about this birth story to date. We can’t argue with that, this golden information may be the perfect conversation starter.

I wonder how many birth stories these nurses and midwives have anyway?

Birth Story 3: Annoyed by Cats? Birth Could Fix That

This mother decided on a C-section birth early on due to a pre-existing skin condition.

She’s considering her own health needs, just as we constantly think of your comfort needs here. Our Everyday Maternity bra says it all.

So on the day of the birth, she goes into labor at 7:30 am, is wheeled into the OR around 9 am, and the baby arrives at 10:19 am.

Much to her delight, the entire birth is seamless. From the epidural to the operation itself. The anesthesiologist nurse even films the entire process for good ole memories’ sake.

With her little girl safely in her arms, she’s content in hospital for the following five days. And she’s ecstatic about one helpful nurse much so that she includes her in the exit survey.

We all know and understand the need for empathetic care during this time. Especially for a first-time mother.

But if we’re being honest, the physical pain in the aftermath is a real thing. And she says so herself,

“It was really weird when I was finally able to walk. I was in so much pain I almost felt guilty every time I asked for more pain relievers. But I’ll never forget the feeling I had the entire time: like I was alive.”

Yet there’s so much to learn from this birth,

“Having a baby. Being in recovery. Not realizing how much effort is needed just to lift yourself out of bed and stand up straight. Then taking it literally step by step - the entire experience made me appreciative of my health. And how far Western medicine has come.”

Amen to that! We couldn’t agree more.

Being home is rather difficult for this mother at first. She’s unable to cough, sneeze, or laugh without experiencing discomfort.

Strangely though, she’s been annoyed by her cats since before her pregnancy.

But her beautiful little girl provides the perfect distraction for her as she heals from the C-section birth.


Birth Story 4: Dad to the Rescue: Birth Stories From the Backseat

This is one of the more rare birth stories. We get to read from the husband’s perspective.

Because husbands care about their wives’ health too, right?

His wife is an information seeker on social forums so he takes the plunge and tells their story.

The couple may have anticipated a later due date and longer labor. They’d even gone an extra step using hypnobabies, perineal massages, and eating dates.

They decided on a birthing center 45 minutes from their home. Welcoming numerous questions about the mother’s health from friends and family.

She’d be a first-time mother so they didn’t think much of it. Fast forward to her birth center appointment and she’s 3cm dilated.

Although excited, they don’t think much of it. They figured she may be in that state for another couple of weeks. Minor contractions and all.

We’d probably think the same. But that was not the case for this birth.

Two days later, she wakes up around 5 am. With slightly stronger contractions still spaced out widely.

She requests her husband to work from home that day as anything could happen.

They go for a quick walk around the parking next to their condo (because health first, right?) They may just become parents that evening and it’s so exhilarating.

They’re back in the house.

Fifteen minutes after his nap, at around 6:15, her contractions go from 0-60 in a matter of minutes. We're talking the ugly and the very loud screaming.

“We call our doula who said she would be on her way and told us to call the midwives. We called the midwives who heard one of her contractions on the phone, and they told us to come in immediately.

Luckily I had the car ready. But my poor wife was having such strong contractions. That she was having trouble even crawling to the car.

At this point, she tells me she felt some urges to push. Which freaks me out. So I tell her we'll be fine and we'll have her lay on her back with her feet up. Just to slow down any pushing she feels.

We're not on the road (in rush hour traffic on a major east coast highway) for more than 20 minutes (of super intense screaming and contractions), when I hear

 ‘Oh my god, the baby is crowning! Pull over now you have to catch it!’”

Talk about health drama!

“So I come to a stop as quickly and safely as I can, I don't even have time to call 911.

I pull up on the backseat car door with my phone in my hand. Which I drop on the car floor immediately when I see a full baby head and shoulders already out.”

At which point the details get somewhat fuzzy and this is all he remembers,

“All I remember are grabbing the baby and putting it on my chest. Trying to wave down a car to call an ambulance. Putting the baby back on mom's chest (she was moving and breathing which was all I cared about). After a minute of not pulling someone over, going back, and finally getting someone to stop.”

He was super helpful, he called 911 and set out a road flare for us. He even gave them his shoelace to tie off the umbilical cord (he was on his way to work!).

You may consider the rest of the birth story boring after all that.

But an ambulance arrives on the scene to congratulate them. Reassuring them that both the baby and mother are both in good health.

They go to the closest hospital to the birth site. (Since they weren’t even halfway to the birth center, and just wanted to make sure the baby was okay).

Four days after the ordeal, the joyful new father shares a family health update,

“It's been almost four days since the happiest day of my life. Baby is doing great, and mom is healing great (had minor tearing, but a couple of stitches took care of that). She is up and walking fine.”

So to sum it up: eating dates close to your due date on a full moon might initiate contractions. And make you give birth on a highway with under two-hours of labor.

Well, there you have it, folks! Who knew birth stories could be so crazy?

Birth Story 5: Birth is as Easy as A, B, C

It’s a day before this mama’s bundle of joy comes into the world. She’s absolutely scared of being in insurmountable pain. (Can you relate?)

Her local hospital doesn’t offer epidurals so it makes absolute sense.

Would you believe that same night at around 9:50 p.m, her water breaks all through the bed? So off she goes, straight to hospital where she experiences bearable cramps.

Until they’re not-so-bearable anymore.

Right after her dear husband returns to the scene (from a phone charger run), he rubs her back. Adorable right?

Although he tries to time the contractions, they’re too fast.

“Being a first-time mother, I was freaking out. If it hurt that much and I’d only been at the hospital for two hours, what about the end? So I asked the nurse for some morphine. One cervical check (I guessed I would be around a four) and I was 8cm dilated. No morphine for me. Only gas and air. I went to the birthing room and used the bed as support. And pretty much labored on the ground for 45-50 mins. Gas and air weren’t doing anything for the pain really. But I was getting through it.”

One look from her gynecologist and she’s getting another cervical check. Turns out her body was already pushing!

“I got up on the bed and pushed on all fours for a bit. Then got really tired (by this point it was 2 am) and turned on my side where Dear Husband held my leg out."

Her little one makes it into the world at exactly 2.25 am through guided coaching from her gynecologist. Turns out it felt natural like she’d given birth before.

“I just listened to my body!” she said. “I felt like she was coming down the birth canal in contractions. And then sliding back up once the contraction subsided. I could just feel her movements. Once you get to the pushing, you get more of a break in between contractions!”

The first piece of information she felt she could share with her gynecologist was, ‘“That was easier than I thought it was going to be”.

Imagine that?

We’re so glad she decided to share this information with us.

We hear all kinds of birth stories. But we hope that this first-hand information, from women just like you, may make your pregnancy a little more bearable.

As you stay in good health and wait upon the birth of your new addition. We’re counting on you to share your positive birth stories for our next post.

So that other moms can read, feel inspired, and widely share your information.

Join the community of moms and women all over the world. They rely on New Bloom Maternity Bras for their pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

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