Do Tight Nursing Bras Affect Breastfeeding?

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Congratulations! Your bundle of joy is finally here.

Nursing your little one becomes a big part of postpartum life. You need to remember to take care of yourself too, and this includes what you wear.

It can be excruciating when you begin shopping for a nursing bra.

After all, your breasts are constantly changing.

Should you just buy a bigger size you will ‘grow into’?

In this New Bloom post, we give you the 411 on choosing the best bra to wear during breastfeeding and the bras to steer clear of.

  1. Do Bras Affect My Milk Production?

    Moms are often told to avoid wearing bras with underwires during breastfeeding. And with good reason!

    Even though they are often blamed for poor milk production, there's no scientific evidence to back that up. However, an underwired bra (or one that crosses over from snug to tight) can block milk ducts.

    When a particular milk duct is blocked, this creates a painful buildup of milk. You could also experience a reduction in milk flow. It could also cause painful mastitis.

  2. Should I Wear a Bra During Breastfeeding?

    Ultimately the choice on which kind of bra to purchase lies with you. You will choose between a maternity bra, a nursing bra, or a regular bra.

    Truth is, your regular bras start getting uncomfortable by the end of your first trimester. It’s time to say goodbye to your regular bra (for a little bit) and dive into the world of absolute comfort.

    You must be wondering what's the point of having a maternity bra during your nursing period.

    During pregnancy, your breasts are more sensitive. Your baby needs more room to grow and your rib cage expands in the process.  This means more weight on your chest and arms, and of course… your breasts.

    A maternity bra is designed with:

    • Adjustable straps
    • Additional hooks or clips
    • Stretchy fabric

    The New Bloom Beautiful Maternity Bra is crafted to see you through pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    This is all centered around support and comfort for your breasts. Its features are meant to accommodate your changes in body size as you grow.

    A nursing bra is all about the breastfeeding process. The cups of the bra can be dropped down from a hook or clasp that exposes the breast. This is to make the nursing process easier.

    What Should a Great Nursing Bra Offer? 

    • Breathable Fabric

      Sorry momma, now is not the time for pretty but useless designs in a bra. This does not mean you have to say goodbye to your fashion sense.

      You also want a bra that is easy to wash, made of fabric that will not leave you drenched in sweat. The New Bloom Beautiful Maternity Bra comes with a touch of lace and a nice bow to complete the look.

    • Supportive Fit 

      One tip to easily a good supportive bra is to look at the fabric, clasps and straps. The fabric will be strong, yet soft to the touch. The clasps should be plentiful and the straps will be adjustable and thick.

    • Comfort 

      The band needs to lay flat on your body and the straps shouldn’t dig into your skin. If you can get two fingers under your band and straps then you have a good fit. The cups shouldn’t overflow and the center shouldn't be hard-pressed to your chest.

    • Access

      You need a bra that gives you breastfeeding access. You need to consider the different environments in which you will be breastfeeding.

      Will you be pumping and breastfeeding interchangeably? Will you be breastfeeding on the go? When you're nursing a newborn, you should allow yourself to give skin to skin contact top priority. This allows for easy bonding with your baby.

    If you pay close attention, you can tell that most of the elements in a maternity bra are also required in a nursing bra. One big difference is the smaller front clasps.

    You can find varying maternity or nursing bras for different purposes:

    • Sleep bra

      A sleeping bra feels snug and plush on your breasts. Many moms often experience leaking in the first few months of nursing. Others even earlier.

      If you have found yourself here before, you understand the value of having a bra you can easily slip nursing pads into.

      At New Bloom, we recommend having a sleeping bra for your hospital stay as it is soft on delicate breast tissue.

    • Special maternity and nursing bras

      Such as strapless bras or pumping bras. Pumping bras give you room to pump your breasts hands free.

    • Nursing sports bras

      Your breasts shouldn't be in a sports bra all day because they get compressed. This is not advisable for nursing moms. If you want to go about your exercises during the day then you should purchase an extra supportive sports bra.

  3. Can a Nursing Bralette Do the Trick?

    Going shopping right after delivery probably isn’t the first item on your to-do list.

    It’s recommended that you get a couple of nursing bras towards the end of your pregnancy that (currently) fit you.

    Nursing Bralette Chai
    NEW! Nursing Bralette

    At one point in time, you won’t be able to tell where your nursing station ends and you begin. This is especially true when you experience cluster feeding. Your bras tend to get way dirtier, much faster.

    You are bound to get milk on them. You are also bound to be wearing a bra most of the time. This goes to show that you might be sweatier than normal. You need a bra you can easily throw in the washing machine and not have to fuss over.

    The New Bloom Nursing Bralette is your answer. It offers light to medium support and is made of cotton with a mix of stretchy spandex that keeps you snug. You benefit from adequate coverage over your cups and you can wear this around the house with a casual outfit.

  4. What Are the Essentials Every Nursing Mom Should Have?

    It’s always great to have a few basics to help make things easier. Consider purchasing:

  • 3 Everyday Nursing Bras

    It’s advisable for you to have 3 bras - one to wear, one in the wash and another in your wardrobe. That way you always have a bra when needed.

    Sometimes you run out of nursing pads, or forget to wear one. It’s on that day that your nipple decides to leak. Having an extra bra can be a lifesaver.

  • 3 Sleeping Bras

    Just like nursing bras, it’s great to have another sleeping bra in your wardrobe and another in the wash. You sweat at night and you want a bra that is easy to wash and not worry about. You should also pick up 1 pump bra (if you are pumping).

  • Nursing Pads

    The New Bloom Ultra-Thin Bamboo Nursing Pads are a lifesaver! They are super absorbent and hardly noticeable while dry. They are also 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic!

  • Nipple Cream 

    Sometimes breastfeeding causes discomfort. Especially for new moms still getting the hang of it. Nipples can become tender, sore, dry, or cracked. Alleviate the pain with some nipple cream on standby.

    Where Can I Buy Quality Nursing Bras?

    Finding the perfect style for you can depend on a lot. Your chest size, wardrobe, and timing.

    Lucky for you, New Bloom looks into all of that when designing our collection.


    Our bras are made of specially designed fabric using UGrow technology. It was developed in partnership with a Danish medical fabric manufacturer, thus taking into account your needs via medical research.

    New Bloom makes bras in a variety of styles - seamless, underlined, plus size, bralettes, etc. Order online today without leaving the comfort of your home.

    Browse through ourcollection of bras to find the one you deserve.

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