A Spellbinding Reading List: The Pregnant Mother's Edition


Young pregnant woman reading a book at homeAs your pregnancy advances, your doctor may recommend bed rest or reduced activity. 

In some cases, your doctor may recommend bed rest to help with complications such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Preeclampsia
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Preterm labor
  • Cervical insufficiency
  • Growth problems with the baby

Whether you are on bed rest or on reduced activity, you will find yourself with more time on your hands.

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After birth, you will meet one of the most precious beings ever. This new being will also bring sleepless nights, hours of crying, and an insatiable need for attention into your life.

The rest time you get in pregnancy might be the only alone time you get until they leave for college. 

How are you going to spend it?


Here are some good pregnancy books to get you started: 

Books on Pregnancy and Motherhood

Pregnancy and motherhood will change you in unexpected ways. 

Understanding how your body and life will change is important. The knowledge can help you:

  • Understand biological changes happening during pregnancy and after birth.
  • Identify changes to you or your baby that might need medical attention. 
  • Provide better care for your baby. 

Some of the best reads on motherhood and pregnancy include:

1. Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

 Affordable reference for first time parents review
Source: Amazon

This book offers the best of both worlds. 

The authors of the book are both doctors and parents. This combined experience gives the book a realistic and accurate take on motherhood.

In the book, you will find:

  • A detailed guide on what to expect at every stage of your pregnancy.
  • Information to help you get the best out of every doctor’s visit. 
  • Intricate details on the progression of labor.
  • An extensive index for easy browsing.
  • Practical information on how to choose a birthing professional.
  • Tips on how to involve a partner in the pregnancy and birthing process.

2. Pregnancy, O.M.G.! The First-Ever Photographic Guide for Modern Mamas-to-Be by Nancy Redd

The First Ever Photographic Guide for Modern Mamas
Source: Amazon

If the mom-brain has kicked in, then you’ll love this picture-centric book.

In place of extensive scientific jargon, Nancy Redd uses pictures.

This book offers realistic visuals, representing a diverse group of women. You will see pictures of nipples and vulvas from all types of mothers. 

In addition to the candid images, the book also offers: 

  • Practical tips and resources for even the wonkiest issues.
  • An honest look into the emotional journey and how your mood changes.
  • A humorous and truthful exploration of things you might shy away from talking about.

3. Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies? The Surprising Science of Pregnancy by Jena Pincott

The Surprising Science of Pregnancy
Source: Amazon

Are you tired of people comparing your growing baby to fruits and vegetables? 

Jenna Pincotts understands your frustration. In this book, she goes against the grain and explores the science of pregnancy in an unusual way. 

She delves into topics such as: 

  • The reason why dads also put on baby weight.
  • Why your favorite food now makes you gag.
  • Why your dreams now morph into wackiness.
  • This is a book you will enjoy reading with your partner. 

Books to Help you Maintain Your Sanity

Pregnancy will affect both your mind and your body. 

You risk spending more time on your body and neglecting your mental health. 

While motherhood memes can offer a much-needed break, there are a few books you can turn to for your mental health. 

1. How to Stay Healthy, Happy and (Most Importantly) Sane from Pregnancy to Parenthood by Kate Rope

Strong As a Mother
Source: Amazon

Have you noticed people now pay more attention to your pregnancy and the unborn baby than they do you?

This is the reality of motherhood.

From conception, your body starts to change to accommodate the growing baby.

This is further reflected by society and will continue even after your baby is born. Most pregnancy books focus on the physical changes with few references to the emotional experience. 

This reality makes Kate Rope’s ‘Strong as a Mother’ a must-have in your pregnancy reading list.

Motherhood is hard. Kate Rope approaches the uncomfortable aspect of parenting without fear. She explores taboo and uncomfortable topics such as:

  • Anxiety in the early stages of pregnancy.
  • The guilt associated with body changes.
  • Perinatal depressions and mood changes during pregnancy.
  • Emotional changes after birth.

This book prepares you for the mental journey of motherhood. It validates your need to focus on your mental and emotional health.

2. The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People by Jordan Reid and Erin Williams

The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People
Source: Amazon

Starting with the cover, this book is anything but ‘normal’.

This book will introduce you to a list of activities to keep you active and entertained. It has:

  • Journal entry ideas
  • Pictures for you to color
  • Funny pregnancy-themed mazes and Mad Libs
  • Motherhood quizzes

The book offers a silly, funny, and crass collection of activities to entertain you. It will keep you engaged and entertained as you reflect on your journey to motherhood. 

3. Parenting: Illustrated With Crappy Pictures

Parenting Illustrated with Crappy Pictures
Source: Amazon

Are you really ready for motherhood?

Honest answers only.

This hilarious account of motherhood will give you the reassurance you need as you go into motherhood.

Amber shares funny and frustrating experiences on her ‘messy’ journey as a parent. She also features “crappy” (her words) pictures to accompany her stories. You will experience parenting through the eyes of Crappy Baby, Crappy Boy, and Crappy Papa.

It is a sweet, honest, and hilarious account of parenting.

Books for Life Post Maternity

Motherhood will change you. It will also give you access to an exclusive club of women. The club of women who share in the joys, hardships, and triumphs of raising children.

In this club, you will often discuss the fears of motherhood. Together, you will speak about the challenges of going back to work as mothers.

Lucky for you, so many have done it before and shared their experience. Here are some books to remind you of life after giving birth:

1. And Now We Have Everything

And Now We Have Everything
Source: Amazon

Meaghan O’Connell gets straight into the reality of motherhood.

Her pregnancy in her twenties was accidental.

She writes about her struggles with accepting her new identity. She also delves into how motherhood changed her.

This candid memoir explores the ‘unsaid’ in shocking ways. It delves into the reality of how motherhood changes not just your body but your personality.

It further explores the positive side of this change. Meaghan shares how motherhood gave her a new identity and led her to new opportunities.

It serves as a reminder of the realities of motherhood and the new life waiting for you on the other side.

2. Balance Is a Crock, Sleep Is for the Weak: An Indispensable Guide to Surviving Working Motherhood

Balance Is a Crock Sleep Is for the Weak
Source: Amazon

In motherhood, laughter is truly the best medicine.

This book is a reminder that every working mother is struggling.

In your struggle, you will need advice mixed with sarcasm to help you survive. In this book, you will come across topics such as:

  • You Are Not Your Husband's Mother! and other time-sucking obligations.
  • Maternity Leave: Vacation or Hell?
  • The Breastaurant is Open for Business: The pump and grind of nursing after you return to work.
  • Congratulations. Now, where do I slot "baby" in Outlook?
  • And other useful tips to help you survive motherhood.

3. Faking Balance: Adventures in Work and Life

Faking Balance Adventures in Work and Life
Source: Amazon

As a mother, your only ticket to sanity is humor.

This book offers a funny and touching escape into the realities of motherhood.

Lela gets funny and candid. She also reminds you that you can find a balance between work and motherhood.

Get a Book and Get Cosy

In all honesty. You will probably spend 99% of your reading time in a bra and leggings.

As you stock your library, you also need to get a maternity bra created just for you.

The Everyday Maternity Bra

This is the one maternity bra you can wear all day without worrying about your health or comfort. It comes with:

  • Stretchy fabric made to adjust and accommodate your growing body. It will give you the perfect fit.
  • Breathable and comfy double-layer seamless fabric with no underwire for extra comfort.
  • Super supportive cups with removable padding for a better breastfeeding experience.

Buy the ultimate maternity bra today, get your books, and enjoy your pregnancy rest.

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