Should I be wearing a bra to bed?

wearing a bra at night

Rock hard boobs affecting your sleeping comfort? Maybe you’re waking up with the dreaded damp pj tops? Perhaps you’re just SO not used to your newly enlarged chest that you Just. Cannot. Get. Comfortable in any position known to man…. So, in an effort to rest better and be more comfortable, should you wear a bra at night?

A soft supportive maternity bra may help. By offering gentle support throughout the night, it can alleviate strain on your shoulders while side-lying and make position transitions more comfortable. A sleeping bra can also hold breast pads if you tend to leak a bit, keeping you dryer which will hopefully allow you to sleep less interrupted (we’re looking at you pregnancy insomnia).

Need another reason to consider wearing a sleeping bra? Cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr Douglas George told the Daily Mail, “Bigger breasts can drag and pull sideways while lying down. This can pull and stretch the breast tissue contribute to stretch marks. Wearing a bra to sleep may slightly slow the ageing process down in this instance.” 

Supported chest = more comfortable sleep and less stretch marks. We’re all in. 

So, what’s the best option for a sleeping bra?  Here are some things to keep in mind for maximum comfort and minimum issues.

  1. Seams. You’ll want as few as possible. Certainly none across the bust area, but also think about under your arms or along your rib cage. Minimum seams, and soft-stitching or covered stitching is best.
  2. Wire- free. Let’s be real, most of us are ready to throw off the underwires the minute we get home, so you for sure don’t want one while you sleep. In addition to irritating or digging, they’ve been linked to damaging milk ducts by compressing them. Assuming that you’re wanting to breastfeed or pump, you should avoid anything that could lead to clogged or damaged ducts.
  3. Thick straps. Thicker straps will not dig into your shoulders and  will stay put better than their thinner counterparts throughout your sleeping transitions. Also great: no strap adjusters to dig in.
  4. Stretchy. Everything is more comfortable stretchy! Did you know that prolactin (the hormone that produces milk) is higher at night? As a result you often produce more milk while you sleep. While milk production hasn't started yet for all pregnant women, for some it’s already beginning. As your breasts fill with milk and the glands begin to get ready for the big job ahead, your breasts will swell which will make stretchy fabric the go-to winner for keeping you comfy. 
  5. Nursing friendly. If you are trying to do double-duty with as many of your maternity purchases as possible, then you’ll want to look into a bra that is also easy to nurse in once your little one arrives. The best styles for this are something that has a V-neck wrap top. With no clasps to bother with, you’ll get gentle support as be able to just pull the neck open and to the side for future easy feeding. 

We offer both a maternity sleeping bra and a wrap-top bralette that would be great for your beauty slumber. Our sleeping bra is a pull-over ultra thin bandeau style with stretchy straps designed to keep you cool and supported.

new bloom bralette

Our nursing Bralette is our cotton- spandex blend with a  wrap top that will support you and make for easy night feeds later.

So sound off below!! Do you feel like you need to wear something during your pregnancy for added support and comfort? If so, what's your pick? 

XO- Team New Bloom

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