You Must Read This Before Buying Plus Size Nursing Bras

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The fashion industry offers a limited number of clothing options for plus size women. This can extend to plus size nursing bras. Plus size women will pay a higher price and spend more time on the search for featured quality nursing bras.

As the demand for plus size inclusivity increases, brands are responding with more options and a fairer price. Google Trend Search reports show a rise in searches for plus size lingerie.

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This increase in interest puts pressure on brands and the market is starting to change.

More brands now offer plus-size nursing mothers options with free samples. There are now more featured options available for customers looking for plus size maternity garments at an affordable price. 

Brands are adapting and catering to the new demand in different ways:

  • Fitting and fashionable maternity wear.
  • A wide range of nursing bra options.
  • Price competitiveness while shopping for maternity wear.
  • Free samples featured on catalogs and websites.

What to Consider When Buying Plus Size Maternity Bras

Prioritize Support and Comfort While Shopping for a Nursing Bra

As your hormones change during your pregnancy, your breasts will grow bigger. As a plus-size woman, this will make your breasts heavier.

If you've adjusted to living with bigger breasts, the extra nursing weight will still impact your life. It can make simple activities such as nursing or sleep more difficult.

Other changes such as an expanding rib cage can affect your clothing choices.

You will find yourself paying more attention to support and comfort while shopping. You'll need to find a nursing bra with:

  • Expandable fabrics to accommodate your growing body. If the band is too tight, it can press on your ribcage and affect your breathing.
  • Strong and thick straps to hold the weight of your breasts as they grow.
  • A thick back band to distribute your maternity weight on your back.
  • A fair retail price than doesn't compromise the quality.

What are the Health Benefits of Finding the Right Support for Plus Size Nursing Women? 

The search for a suitable nursing bra is worth your time, and the price. The right nursing bra can help prevent common nursing complications and breast infections. For plus-size women, the featured bras prevent a host of other health complications.

Some free health benefits of a customer wearing the right maternity bra include:

Promoting Healthy Nursing

Don't pay the price of an ill-fitting bra. The wrong bra will press into your breasts affecting the free flow of milk. Over time, this can develop into blocked breast ducts or mastitis, which will affect your ability to feed and nourish your baby.

A good quality nursing bra will expand as your breasts get fuller. If the bra gets tight, you can adjust the hooks to make it bigger and more comfortable. 

Plus size nursing bras also offer bigger and wider cups for a better fit. You can wear your bras without worrying about breast spillage. You also get free, removable pads, giving you value for the price you pay. 

Preventing Back and Shoulder Pain

Failing to support your breasts as they get heavier can create physiological issues. You risk suffering from back and breast pain even with proper maternity care.

Proper fitting nursing bras protect your from pain for free by:

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  • Providing thick straps to support your maternity breasts as they get heavier. This reduces the pressure on your shoulders. Excess pressure can cause shoulder grooves and scarring. If unchecked, the strain of the straps on your shoulder can cause skin abrasions.
  • With nursing bras, you also get a thick back band to distribute the weight of your breasts across your back. Instead of limiting the band to the mid-back, you can have the back band covering the upper back. This reduces the strain on your mid and lower back.

By investing in the right maternity bras, you reduce the risk of back and shoulder pain. The featured price will justify itself in the long run.

Improving Posture and Confidence

High-quality maternity bras will help you maintain your posture. If your posture is right, you can enjoy everyday tasks while pregnant and even after your maternity break such as:

  • Exercising
  • Lifting and playing with your baby
  • Simple activities such as cooking and bathing

Maternity bras improve your posture. They distribute the weight of your breasts across your neck, upper back, shoulders, and mid-back.

Nursing bras help correct posture and can affect your health and confidence by:

  • Aligning your joints, shoulder, back, and neck bones to ensure they give you the proper support.
  • Reducing the likelihood of having abnormal weight bearing on your joint surfaces. The extra maternity weight and pressure can cause arthritis.
  • Preventing the spine from getting fixed into abnormal and painful positions.
  • Reducing the stress your breasts put on the ligaments supporting your spine.
  • Preventing strain on muscles so you can use them more efficiently.
  • Improving your confidence so you feel better about your body's changes.

What Characteristics Should You Look for While Prioritizing Support and Comfort?

When shopping, you need to justify the price you pay. Make sure your bra has:

  • A combination of breathable, stretchy, and comfortable fabrics.
  • Strong and snug-fitting shoulder straps for extra support.
  • A soft, absorbent, and breathable inner lining for all-day comfort.
  • Extra hooks and eyes to adjust the bra as your breasts change. Plus size options offer up to eight hooks.

Finding the right nursing bra for your body affects your health, comfort, and confidence.

As your body changes, you will find yourself looking for comfort and convenience. In your search for a nursing bra, you should focus on:

  • Getting your size right.
  • Finding a pocket-friendly price as the costs can add up fast.
  • Finding brands with plus-size options.

Find the Right Fit and Price Before You Shop

Once you find a featured nursing bra within your price range, you can start engaging your favorite brands.

Now it’s time to figure out what your measurements are and find the perfect nursing bra for you.

You’ll need:

  • A measuring tape you can wrap around your chest area.
  • A mirror to guide you and help you position the tape on your torso correctly. You can also have someone close to help you with the positioning.
  • A pen and paper to note your measurements.
  • A nursing bra-sizing guide from your favorite shop.

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You need two measurements to find a fitting nursing bra:

1. Rib Band Measurement

Getting the brand measurements right will help determine the size of the bra band. The band must fit around your torso to ensure you feel comfortable while wearing the nursing bra.

This means the featured band should not leave lines on your torso when you take off the bra or ride up your back.

While taking your measurements, make sure you:

  • Wear an unpadded bra or take the measurements while topless.
  • Wrap the measuring tape directly under your armpits angling it upwards. Use the mirror to move the tape measure and remove any twists.
  • Move the tape measure until it is snug but not tight.
  • Read the measurement and write it down. If the number is a decimal, round it off to the larger whole number.

2. Cup Size Measurement

Here, you need to measure your cups at their fullest. You should:

  • Wrap the measuring tape around your back moving to the front. Make sure it falls on the fullest part of your breasts and is not twisted.
  • Push the tape into the gap between your breasts to get the perfect cup size.
  • Write down the measurements.

With these two measurements, your sizing guide will help you find the right fit.

How to Shop for the Ultimate Nursing Plus Size Bra

There are several factors you must consider, including price, as you search for a featured nursing bra:

Your Price Point

Before you start your search, you need a price point. It will help you determine how many maternity bras you can afford. Initially, you only need to shop for three bras.

But, you can shop for a variety of bras for different occasions such as:

Often, the price and your maternity budget will determine the number of nursing bras you purchase.

The Market Price for a Quality Nursing Bra

Different factors determine the price a brand will set for a nursing bra before offering it to the customer. The price will depend on:

  • The quality of the nursing bra. A nursing bra with higher quality materials will have a higher price point. Brands using patented fabric technology to make nursing bras will charge a higher price.
  • Customer demands and preferences. High customer demand will always hike the price. This becomes more evident in your search for quality nursing bras.
  • The number of bras you buy. Most sellers will offer a discounted price for bulk purchases on three nursing bras or more.

You need to extend your search and look for the most suitable price.

The Shipping and Customer Service Policy of the Seller

As a new nursing customer, you might find yourself making price and size mistakes.

Often, you will start your search before your maternity leave begins. You'll need a company that accepts returns and exchanges on their maternity products or offers free samples.

A company founded on excellent customer service will offer price flexibility and free shipping.

With New Bloom Maternity, you can sort through different sizes and prices from their nursery bra collection. You can fit them for free, sort out your size, and send back the rest. You’ll receive nursing bra replacements in your size, with several options to sort you through your pregnancy.  In some cases, you will qualify for a free gift at the same price.

As a customer shopping with New Bloom Maternity, you will enjoy:

  • Free gifts with some orders.
  • Free shipping for orders above $30.
  • The best price on the market.

End your maternity wear search today and let New Bloom Maternity sort you out with free shipping and a fair price.

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