Every Moms 2020 Guide on Nursing Bras For Large Breasts

You've gone through pregnancy, now welcome to your postpartum journey.

"Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing." - Ricki Lake

It can feel overwhelming when you’re on the hunt for a nursing bra for large breasts. You must make sure the bra will provide the support you need in the size you need. Change in breast size is not always a welcomed experience for moms with a large bust.

It's imperative that during this time you refrain from all negative thoughts about your body’s changes.

You have performed a miraculous task of bringing forth new life!

All you need is a little support on your journey, you deserve the best nursing bra! New Bloom is here to make the transition simple for moms with large breasts. We are all about support, flexibility, and comfort.

For the best nursing experience, start off with an exquisite nursing bra (or bras).

How Do I Choose A Bra For Heavy Breasts?

Nursing bras are a great addition to your wardrobe. The main purpose of such a bra is to provide easy access for your little one during breastfeeding. Nursing bras for large breasts are designed not only for support but for making life easier in general for you and your little one.

The most important things to look for in a maternity bra or nursing bra are:


When it comes to large breasts, you need all available flexibility in a nursing bra. You need to make sure no part of your breasts feel compressed when the bra is closed.

Buying the right size nursing bra is the key. High-quality nursing bras are kind to your breasts.

It may be time to ditch your underwire bras for a while. You could risk getting blocked milk ducts due to their tightness. This makes it hard for your little one to suckle. This hinders the positive nursing experience that helps you bond with your baby.

You also want to feel beautiful and stylish in your nursing bra. Why not check out the New Bloom Maternity and Nursing bra that offers a touch of lace and a cute little bow for that extra pizzazz?

Is it date night? Is it your first time out again after being glued to your nursing chair? Do you want to show a little cleavage? The New Bloom maternity and nursing bra is made in a Demi Cup shape. This is ideal for less coverage and a great trick for bringing sexy back!

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The Beautiful Maternity Bra
The Beautiful Maternity Bra

Material and Style

During breastfeeding, (and pregnancy too) lace may not be the best answer for nursing bras for large breasts. Today you can get nursing bras made out of materials that provide support, such as spandex, nylon, or cotton

You need comfortable, breathable, and delicate fabrics in nursing bras for large breasts. New Bloom utilizes UGrow technology in all our bras to ensure we give moms all the comfort possible

A seamless nursing bra is one of the best buys you can make. The Everyday Maternity Bra has seamless soft bra cups that offer full coverage and support.

A sports bra or nursery bra is also preferred by moms with large breasts because they fit their cup sizes. A bra with molded cups retains their shape when they’re removed.

A sports bra with molded cups has more give to accommodate size.

When it comes to comfort for moms with fuller busts a bra without shoulder straps might not be the first choice. This is because shoulder straps hold your breasts in place and help with your posture.

Your breastfeeding journey is crucial for your baby’s growth and health.  One way to hinder your health is by wearing the wrong size bra. Inadequate support or size can cause shoulder, neck, and back pain.

You also don’t need the mild skin abrasions ill-fitting bras come with, not to mention mastitis. 

Are You Wearing the Wrong Size Nursing Bra?

Turns out it's quite a common occurrence for women to be wearing the wrong size bra. Estimates revealed that 80% of women wear the wrong size bra.

A survey by Triumph revealed that out of the 80% in wrong sized bras:

  • 70% of bras were too small
  • 10% of bras were too big

Most large breasted women were believed to be wearing ill-fitting bras. As a nursing mom, this is a huge no-no. The best nursing experience also depends on what bra you wear.

So how can you tell your nursing bra is all wrong for you? Do:

  • Your breasts spill over the cup of your nursing bra?
  • The straps feel loose or fall off your shoulders?
  • Your breasts lack support or sag?
  • Your bra straps leave indents on your shoulders?

Worst of all, do you ever feel the back of your nursing bra riding up?

For larger breasted women, the traditional method of bra fitting is totally outdated and inadequate. Before buying a nursing bra it's recommended that you get your bra fitting done by a professional

What is the Best Kind of Nursing Bra?

Comfortable Straps 

A nursing bra for large breasts should offer support and have adjustable straps. You don’t need a bra that feels like the straps are doing all the work. Supportive nursing can be attained from the right size nursing bra.

Bra straps that are digging into your shoulders spell discomfort. If you can slide two fingers beneath the adjustable straps and still feel comfortable, you are in the right size bra. Give your breasts some breathing space. 

Quality Fabrics 

You want a bra that’s going to last and not fall apart after a couple of washes. Go for maternity or nursing bras that have multiple layers. You can also have a variety of bras in your wardrobe to avoid causing strain on one bra alone.

A bra that has linings (back linings, cups linings, top cup linings) or laminated fabrics offer extra support. Laminated fabrics are additional layers that are put together for support. 

Drop-down Cups for Easy Nursing 

As mentioned earlier, nursing bras are all about breastfeeding access. With the right bras, nursing is made easier.

If you want to keep your breasts in place then a bra with drop-down cups that can be clipped up to the straps is one style you’ll appreciate. Cup sizes need to be measured correctly in a good nursing bra.

Undergarments designed for bra nursing can allow you to discreetly access your breasts in public. Instead of having to fully remove your bra or articles of clothing.

The New Bloom Everyday Maternity bra has a higher neckline that is suited for optimal support and comfort.  

Wide Back Band for Better Comfort 

On the backside of a good nursing bra, there is thick fabric that attaches to the back strap for support. This is right before the eye and hook.

You also want strong straps that are adjustable in your bras. As much as narrow straps look nice under tank tops, they do not feel nice at the end of the day. A bra with wider straps provides you with proper support. You get the right size and support from well-constructed nursing bras. 

Padding for Leaky Situations

Leaking during this nursing period can leave your outfit stained. Consider investing in a nursing bra or nursing bralette that is made of breathable fabric. It has a stretchy band and a cross over design that allows you to slip in nursing pads and forget all about them.

You also want to have a couple of New Bloom Ultra-Thin Bamboo Nursing Pads to keep your clothes dry. They are gentle on your breasts and are 100% biodegradable. One box has 30 pieces inside. 

How Should I Buy A Nursing Bra While Pregnant?

When fitting a nursing bra, the same rules apply for all sizes.

It can be quite frustrating when shopping for large breast nursing bras. Department stores seem to be the preferred place to find a nursing bra for many women, but you can miss out on finding that one bra style that offers you the perfect amount of support.

In some cases, there are no provisions of personalized service, no bra size range, or expertise. You don’t want to try on one too many bras and wind up in tears in the changing rooms.

When you visit a specialist bra boutique the knowledgable attendants can help advise how to choose the right nursing bras for different body shapes.

Once you know your exact bra size, it’s easy to buy your bra online for convenience. Take a look at New Bloom’s bra size chart to find your size.

Everyday Bra Size Chart
The Everyday Maternity Bra Size Chart

The Beautiful Maternity Bra Size Chart
The Beautiful Maternity Bra Size Chart

At New Bloom, we advise moms to get at least three nursing bras. One to wear, one in the wash and one spare. 

Reviews on Nursing Bras for Large Breasts

Sometimes it’s hard to know just who to trust and what information is valid. This is completely understandable. After all, you want the best nursing bras for this period.

So why not hear it from other moms with large breasts and decide on the best nursing bra yourself?

Here are a few things our clients had to say about our bra collection.

“Love that this bra is cotton. It’s not sweaty and I will definitely buy more. I usually am a 34 C in Victoria's Secret bras but fit a 36 DDD by the end of my pregnancy. I bought this nursing bra in a large plus and it's great with lots of room in the band. I am curious how a medium-plus would fit but this works too as is. Buy it!” - Rebecca

"I am a 34G and have the HARDEST time finding nursing bras I actually fit, let alone ones that I like. This bra is amazing." - Ciara

"It sits nice and snug in all the right places while being perfectly comfortable and supportive. My breasts look beautiful and opening and closing with one hand is a breeze. And the bra looks so beautiful. Just because I'm nursing doesn’t mean my underwear needs to look lame. Thank you for this sweet and practical and beautiful bra. And for the + bra sizes!" - Freida

"The sizing guide provided helped ensure that I got the right bra size and fit - easier to understand than previous online bra purchases I had made! I also love that with the Beautiful Bra - you can wear fitting tops without worrying about others seeing your bits!" - Deborah

Watch this video our to see our New Bloom Maternity Bra Collection

Well, what are you waiting for? Visit our shop now to find the best support nursing bra for you!

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