How Many Nursing Bras Do I Need?

Nursing bra

Pregnant or nursing a young one?

You can bet on receiving loads of nursing-related advice from friends and family. This will include advice about the list of items you need to shop for pre-baby.

One look at the long list is enough to leave you feeling frustrated.

Where do you begin?

A good tip is to segment the shopping list into essentials and nice-to-haves. Next shop for essentials and if your budget allows, a few nice-to-have items.

Nursing bras are some of the essential items often forgotten from the list. Yet they are paramount to the comfort of an expectant or nursing mother.

You don’t have to wait until after childbirth to purchase your nursing bras. It is okay to wear them throughout your pregnancy. Your breast will change as your pregnancy advances.

So is there a magic number of nursing bras you should buy?


Your preference, unique body changes and frequency of washing will dictate the number of nursing bras to purchase.

At the very least invest in three nursing bras at any one time. They will help with milk leakages that lead to frequent bra changes.

The three bras ensure you always have a bra to wear, a bra in the wash, and a backup bra.

Why Do You Need a Nursing Bra?

You may wonder why you need to invest in a nursing bra?

Isn’t it easier to make do with the everyday bras you already have? After all, they play the same role, right?

Actually, no.

The everyday bra doesn’t suit the pregnancy and breastfeeding period. It can’t accommodate the changes to your breasts that will take place.

They are meant for less sensitive and lighter breasts. As a result, they have features which are uncomfortable for pregnant or lactating women.

These include:

  • Stiff cups that don’t accommodate enlarged breasts.
  • Narrow straps that don’t offer enough support for growing breasts.
  • Fixed clips and non-adjustable cups that make breastfeeding difficult.
  • Underwires that squeeze and hurt sensitive breasts. This can block the flow of milk.

 Nursing bras on the other hand do the following:

1. Nursing Bras Provide Comfort

You are bringing a new life into the world. Your comfort is as important as that of the baby. That’s why you need a nursing bra.

During pregnancy, your breasts tend to be soft and sensitive, nipples become sore.

You may feel some discomfort or pain when clothes come in contact with your nipples. Pay particular attention to the fabric of your clothes as certain materials can cause irritation.

Good nursing bras have a soft cotton lining, friendly to the skin. Cotton is a natural material which is comfortable and will not irritate your nipples.

Cotton also allows your skin to breathe.

Note that during pregnancy and post-pregnancy you may experience hot flashes as your hormones change. You will appreciate a cotton nursing bra as it will keep your body cool.

With New Bloom's maternity bras, say goodbye to accumulating pools of sweat underneath your boobs. They contain 95% cotton, making them absorbent.

2. Nursing Bras Maintain the Shape of Your Breasts

Some mothers are afraid to breastfeed exclusively for the first six months of a child’s life. One of their fears is that breastfeeding will affect the shape of their breasts.

A study in the UK dispels these fears. The study shows breastfeeding does not adversely affect the shape of your breast.

However, breasts can lose elasticity due to other factors during pregnancy. For those wishing to maintain the shape of their breasts, a nursing bra can help. The bra’s construction helps keep your breasts firm and reduces sagging as a result of hormones.

Everyday bras have narrow straps that don’t offer enough support for your breasts. But the wide straps of a nursing bra offer more support for your neck, shoulders and back. This helps with muscle development throughout your upper body which can prevent the breast tissue from sagging.

3. Nursing Bras Accommodate Different Cup Sizes

Beautiful Maternity Bra
New Bloom Maternity Bra

“Every four weeks I go up a bra size... it's worth being pregnant just for the breasts.” Natasha Hamilton.

Every woman who has been pregnant may relate to this humorous quote by Natasha Hamilton.

During pregnancy and while lactating, a woman’s body undergoes several changes.

These changes vary from one woman to another. For example, your cup size could increase in the first trimester. For another woman, the increase may be throughout the pregnancy.

Here are the stages where changes most often occur.

Growth Phase

Growth Phase

Post-Birth Phase

Post-Birth Phase

Breastfeeding Phase

Breastfeeding Phase

Growth Phase. When you are pregnant, your breasts feel tender. They become sore and heavy as gland tissue grows to prepare for milk production.

Post-Birth Phase. Your breasts continue to enlarge even after you give birth. This is because the lactiferous ducts which transport milk to your breasts start to see use.

Breastfeeding Phase. Leaking breasts is common as your breasts become fuller. You may also experience a tingling sensation when nursing.

With all these changes, you need a nursing bra that accommodates your constantly changing body.

A normal bra won’t work. Shopping for a nursing bra every time your breast cup increases is also not sustainable.

For many women, finding a nursing bra that fits perfectly during all these stages is an uphill battle.

But it doesn’t have to be.

New Bloom maternity bras are made with innovative U-Grow Technology. This allows your bra to stretch and grow even as your body changes.

4. Nursing Bras Give You Easy Access

Babies are always hungry. Lactation experts say that newborns breastfeed eight to twelve times daily. This goes on until the child is six months old.

You will quickly learn that your baby has no regard for time or place. When they demand breast milk, you have no choice but to give it there and then.

Nursing around the clock, you need a bra that will allow you seamless access.

A nursing bra with easy-to-undo clasps will make feeding your newborn easy.

How Do You Find the Best Nursing Bras?

When shopping for nursing bras you should:

  • Invest in Good Quality

    Cheap is expensive! Do not go for a cheap bra at the expense of quality.

    Think of it as a good investment that will serve you for a while. But they shouldn't cost a fortune.

    Purchasing from a reliable source will ensure you get a good quality bra at an affordable cost.

    Bonus tip: To extend the life of your bras, get a nursing bra with an extender for the back. This will add length to the band. It is also a good alternative if you're not ready to keep buying new bras.

  • Get the Right Size

    It is hard to estimate how much your breasts will grow during the pregnancy and nursing period. Whereas some women go up one cup size others increase by two or even four cup sizes.

    However check the timing of your purchase.

    Some women prefer to buy maternity bras before delivery. In this case, wait till you’re around 36 weeks along to make your purchase.

    By then you will have gained most of your baby weight. Your breasts will also be unlikely to have any more major changes in size.

    To get the right bra size, it is advisable to visit a local lingerie store for a professional bra fitting. If it’s not possible to access a lingerie store, measure yourself at home.

    This video will show you how to do a bra fitting at home in three easy steps:

You will know your bra fits you properly if:

  • Your breasts fill the cups without overflowing.
  • The space underneath the band only fits two fingers.
  • The band of the bra sits comfortably against your skin.
  • The bra straps don’t pinch or dig into your shoulders.

Shop For the Right Bra Today

Now that you have established the importance of a nursing bra and know what to look for, it's time to get one.

Finding a fit and fabric that feels great on you isn’t difficult. New Bloom Maternity has you covered. They’re here to make your motherhood experience smooth.

It’s easy to make an order online now that you know your size. Save time and energy going to a physical store by ordering online right now.

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