What to do for HIM for Valentine’s day

Naysayers will tell you it’s a “Hallmark Holiday”, void of purpose and filled with ways to get businesses to make sales BUT the majority of us use it as a great day to remind our loved ones how much we do, in fact, love them. SO bring on the hearts and cherubs because there’s no arguing that Valentine’s day is just around the corner! To save you some time and sanity, we’ve rounded up some great gifts that he’s sure to love.

For the Sleep-deprived new dad:

Yeti coffee mug or travel tumbler. Keeps things hot so he can help with the baby, and comes in a zillion colors. Bonus points if you grab some local coffee and package it together.

Yeti Mug

Yeti Tumbler

For the Manly-Man:

Man CrateHave you seen man crates? They’re hilariously unexpected and you have to open them with crowbars! The contents range from whiskey decanter sets and beard oil kit, to grill master kits and hot sauce crates.There tons of choices and something in a wide variety of budget ranges. For Valentines day they even have Jerky hearts. Yes you read that right...instead of a heart shaped box of chocolates, they have heart shaped boxes of meat. If that doesn't scream “I love you”, we’re not sure what does. Can’t decide on what to pick? Get him a Man-Crates “Lovestruck” gift card. It comes in a heart shaped brick with a hammer and safety goggles for him to break open. It’s a fun gift idea for sure! Check out Man Crates here!

For the gadget man:

Air Pods. Everyone is obsessed with them for the freedom they give you. Go for the Pro version if he’s very into the latest and greatest. They offer noise cancellation so he can focus on whatever song/podcast/phone call he’s on at the moment.


Airpods Pro

For the guy that loves his car (or loves things neat and clean):

Have his car detailed. Chances are, with a little one around it’s been a bit since he’s had time to shine it up and vacuum it out. Professional detail services are pretty easy to find, and there is likely even a mobile detailer in your area that comes to YOU! BINGO. Leave a little love note on the steering wheel for bonus points! This works REALLY well for you too if his car happens to also be what you drive. #SpruceUpTheOlSwaggerWagon

For the practical guy:


While initially seeming boring, chargers are things we use Every. Single. Day. They often go missing, and we are big fans of having elevated everyday items... It makes the menial tasks seem a little more interesting.

Check out the Belt Cable

And its matching Apple Watch Charger

A sleek Wireless Charging Marble Slab

A great looking Wood and Marble Charger for an apple watch: 

The Combo Stand for the guy with all the tech stuff

For the Executive:

He’s a boss, make sure he feels like it by not showing up to a boardroom or marketing meeting with a Bic Stick. Classic, polished gifts like a nice pen are totally under utilized these days but they make a great statement and are something he will have for years to come. No idea where to start on buying a  “luxury pen”. Don’t forget to get it engraved. Maybe opt for something a little cheeky, or an inside joke rather than just his name? Check out this Day Spring Pens article to learn more about what pen is right for your man!

Quality Time:

Last but not least, don't underestimate the gift of quality time together. Whether that means hiring a sitter for a date night, or a day date together while the baby naps in the stroller, time together can be a more valuable gift than anything you could purchase. This can particularly ring true in the bleary-eyed-exhausted phase of newborn life when you’re not even sure what day it is. So put that baby to bed, order-in your favorite food, and get cozy on the couch. Have a conversation about something other than the baby, and tell that man that you love him.



The New Bloom Team

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