Luscious locks going limp? Postpartum hair loss is no joke.

You know that glow and extra gorgeous hair you had during pregnancy? You may notice it’s fleeting, but not by any fault of your own! The average person sheds about 100 hairs a day, but when you’re pregnant, your hormones slow the fall-out so you get more volume and density. Then one fateful day (usually around 4 months, but sometimes as late as 6) you notice you’re shedding like a dog and sometimes even in small clumps! Yikes! What a great surprise…

First of all, YOU ARE NOT GOING BALD, so don't panic. Your hair is just catching up to the normal cycle. Things will even out soon enough.

What to do in the meantime to get through your great shed?

- Be gentle! Use a Wet Brush or wide toothed comb to carefully de-tangle

- Use metal free hair bands (we love silk ones!)

- Don’t keep your hair pulled super tight, the extra strain on the roots can cause more to shed at once

- Condition well to keep knots (and tugging) at bay

- Sleep on a natural silk pillow case. Silk is smoother than cotton. Less friction means less fall out. Silk also wont absorb moisture from your hair and skin like cotton can, keeping everything smoother (and potentially shinier!)

- Invest in a lint roller and some lipstick. Lint roller for your hair- ridden tops and lipstick to put the focus back on your smile:

Have some tips for luscious locks? Leave them below!


I got recommended a postpartum hair vitamin from Baby Blues that has actually been helping me. I use that in combination with silk scrunchies and lots of hair masking!

Lauren August 05, 2020

I did some of your recommendations and sharing another that really helped me! First off love the silk pillowcases and also silk hair scrunchies so hair isn’t pulled on. The best thing I did do though was start a postpartum hair vitamin from a brand called Baby Blues ( meant to replenish vitamins shed after having the baby and support and encourage the hair to go into the growth phase more quickly. It significantly slowed the shedding for me along with changed the texture of my hair from feeling so thin and dry. thought it would be worth sharing!

minka August 05, 2020

Best thing i’ve been recommended to help with postpartum hair loss is the postpartum hair vitamin from Baby Blues. It’s meant to replenish the vitamins shed after having the baby. Has biotin, collagen, b12, folate, vitamin a. I was literally the mom crying in my obgyn’s office suffering from intense shedding and seeing patchy scalp. It was so devastating.

Personally i couldn’t stand the oil drops that I’ve read some people recommend it just made my hair so greasy . The baby blues is just a gummy vitamin (tastes like passion fruit) literally so good. I compared it against HUM olly and it’s just a far superior max strength product. I get mine at they tend to sell out so may have to pre-order but they are a game changer.

Renee August 05, 2020

I went through pretty devastsating postpartum hair loss my first pregnancy. My doctor seemed unbothered by it when i brought it up , suggesting i cut my hair and just wait it out. I went down the google rabbit hole looking for anything that would help. When i got pregnant for the second time I was actually really nervous because i didn’t want to go through losing my hair again. I ended up finding a postnatal hair vitamin that really helped called Baby Blues ( I use that even now when my son is two years old. Basically replenishes the nutrients lost after childbirth. I also tend to take my lightstim (Red light therapy) i use on my face at night when catching up on netflix and run it over my scalp. Not enough time has passed to really say if that works but i’ve been reading alot on red light therapy as well. Hope this helps some Mom! I know how devastating the hair loss can be.

Renee August 05, 2020

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