6 Incredible Gifts for Expectant Mothers

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Expecting moms have a lot on their to-do lists. From prenatal health plans, baby-proofing the house, doctor’s appointments and so much more. It can be quite exhausting. 

Considering all these tasks are done while their bodies undergo some pretty uncomfortable changes, they need all the love they can get.  Morning sickness, back pains, and swollen feet are not fun ordeals. 

There are plenty of opportunities to buy sentimental gifts for expectant mothers such as gender reveal parties and baby showers. But why not go for something a bit more practical to ease this part of their journey? 

Some ideas may seem a little odd (hello underwear!), but they might be exactly what a mom-to-be needs!

1. Quality Maternity Clothing 

Inspiration from Instagram fashion bloggers might be your first go-to when shopping for a mom-to-be. You know, the moms who make dressing their baby bumps look so fun and flawless. 

Though they have great ideas, you do not want to overwhelm an expecting mom. 

The truth is, most expecting mothers find it a daily challenge trying to figure out which maternity clothes actually fit and flatter them.  

With all the gradual changes taking place, an expectant mom needs maximum levels of comfort. This is especially true when it comes to her wardrobe. 

It is tempting to buy items that quickly catch your eye when shopping. Just remember that quality and comfort are key. Consider:

  • What size of maternity clothing you should buy?
  • Does she need maternity work clothes?
  • What season are you shopping for?
  • What material is it made out of?

Leggings are a must-have! Get her a good pair (or three) of stretchy maternity leggings. They are specially designed to support the pelvis by adding soft compressions to the muscles. This action energizes her muscles and promotes better stability. 

Pregnancy can be quite strenuous on the back, stomach, and pelvic floor muscles. This makes them less stable.

Did you know that research has shown that “45% of all pregnant women and 25% of women after childbirth suffer from pelvic girdle pain”?

pregnant woman relaxing
New Cropped Everyday Maternity Compression Legging

Leggings are a practical gift to get for her as they help alleviate this problem. New Bloom has variations of full-length everyday maternity compression leggings.

You could also go for cropped leggings that will give her that sporty look when paired with an athletic shirt.

It may feel quite personal giving out undies as a gift. Until you consider how bad it is wearing underwear that doesn't fit anymore or is a bit too snug for comfort.

You can be a genuine lifesaver if you get her a few pairs of comfortable maternity bras. New Bloom offers a wide range of maternity bras for various activities. You can find your perfect fit with the ultimate maternity bra guide.

You could mix it up a little and get her a nursing bralette that she can comfortably wear during exercise. Or the New Bloom maternity sleeping bra to ease the strain on her back.

This still leaves the everyday maternity bra that has a high neckline made from breathable, seamless fabric.

It is designed to grow and change along with her. They are made with UGrow technology which ensures she retains a perfect fit!

Learn more about UGrow here

2. Sensible Shoes

Still, on the whole matter of comfort, you can never go wrong with a great pair of shoes!

A woman's feet may change shape during this period. It could be gradual swelling or they may actually grow in size towards the end.

Why not get adjustable sandals that expand if and when her feet do? This is a practical gift that she can use while carrying out various activities. She won't have to think about getting new shoes every couple of months.

Nonskid slippers are a great addition to her closet. They allow swollen feet to get in and out easily without worrying about laces.

If not shoes, you could consider foot massagers (or a spa date) that offer relief after a long day of movement. A foot massage is great at reducing tension and stress that may be harmful to her and the baby.

3. A Maternity Pillow for Sleepless Nights

Who doesn't like a good's night sleep? Not moms to be, that’s for sure.

Sometimes regular pillows just don't cut it when trying to find the right sleeping position when pregnant.

A maternity pillow is designed to support the changing contours and curves of her body. This is why they are much longer than usual pillows.

It supports her aching joints and still leaves enough room for her to stretch out as much as possible. These pillows help expecting moms to sleep on their side easier. This is recommended for them as it promotes blood circulation

This gift is useful even after delivery because it helps put the baby in the right position for breastfeeding. Especially during cluster feeding periods. Find out what cluster feeding is (and how to survive it).

Maternity Pillow for Sleepless Nights
Source: backs2beds

4. A Harmony Ball Necklace

A harmony pendant has its origins in Balinese and Mayan cultures. It is a practice that has been passed down for centuries. Harmony ball necklaces are great because they create a relaxing effect for both mother and unborn baby.

The ball is attached to a long chain or cord that has the ball laying somewhere on momma’s bump. The pendant emits soft chime sounds as the mom-to-be goes about her day.

This sound penetrates the womb as an unborn baby begins to hear at around 20 weeks of gestation. This is why unborn babies respond to cooing noises by kicking or stretching out.

They also double up as a fabulous jewelry item. You can get one with the expectant mother’s birthstone. Or the expected birth month of their baby.

5. Reading Material That Won’t Scare Her

There is so much uncertainty, worry, and planning that happens through pregnancy.  

First-time moms are always full of anticipation which can easily turn to anxiety. Books on pregnancy and parenting can help calm their nerves.

Self-help books contain important information on the dos and don'ts of pregnancy. Even better, they why's behind them.  

Some expectant mothers are self help adverse. This is because these books can overload them with scary information.

Many books are set out on advising moms to be on which organic baby food they must have, all they must know about breastfeeding, should they have a home birth or not, a step by step guide on your birth plan. The list goes on and on and on...

There is a lot of unsolicited advice that goes around, both on the internet and in social circles.

A great alternative is novels of personal experiences by other parents-to-be. This takes away the pressure on expectant moms! It allows them to sit back and engage with more down to earth pregnancy guides.

Here is a list of the 7 best pregnancy books of 2020 to check out before selecting any generic reading material.

6. Skincare Package for Changing Skin

Not every woman gets the famed pregnancy glow. Every journey is different and increased hormone levels can:

  • Increase skin sensitivity.
  • Disrupt the balance of the skin.
  • Speed up dehydration.
  • Decrease the skins ability to resist UV rays, wind, and dirt.

This means she needs a new skincare routine that is safe for both her and the baby.  Read about pregnancy skincare: what's safe for your face and body before making any purchase or plans.

You could buy a refill of her favorite beauty products or buy a gift set that has the essentials. This is great for giving her an excuse to get some downtime and relaxation she needs.

It’s almost comical how people quickly forget that an expectant mom is still, well, a person.

Pampering expectant mothers is a great way to show that you care about this part of her journey. One of the best gifts you can give is your time and attention.

She will need positive words of affirmation and a shoulder to lean on. So why not show up with one of these practical gifts and a date planned to get her smiling?

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