Fun Gender Reveal Ideas: From Fiestas to Donuts!

The grand gender reveal. There’s team love it or team hate it. The staffers here at New Bloom are proudly team LOVE IT! One more reason to celebrate the fact that life is growing inside of you…are you kidding? We’re here for it. 

Long gone is the cut the cake reveal. Even the balloons- from- the- box are feeling a little overdone. We’ve all had tons of friends do confetti cannons or smoke bombs at this point too so, what’s a celebratory couple to do? The funny themes are endless and punny ideas abound, so read on friend, maybe you’ll find something inspiring.

Brunch Gender Reveal Party


Who doesn't like brunch? If visions of cheesy eggs, bacon, and mimosas (or mom-mosas) glide though your dreams, then Brunch Ya Don’t Know What We’re Having might be a perfect theme. You can do the actual reveal with colored mimosas or a dessert. Have fun, but for the love of God, eat bacon.


Tacos bring everyone together, it’s a known fact. Throw a fun fiesta and knock the filling out of a Piñata to reveal the gender! Definitely a way to elevate your Taco Tuesday.

Gender Reveal Dart Party


Throw darts (or shoot arrows if you’re Robin Hood) at some balloons. Only one will have the color (paint or confetti) of your tiny nugget inside. 

Break the cake:

Order one of these hollow chocolate  hearts stuffed with tiny shoes/ bows/ bowties and break it with the included hammer to reveal the contents and the baby’s gender.


Remember that old erupting volcano project from science class? Make that lava pink or blue and you’ve got yourself a gender reveal. We know you’ll lava the baby no matter what gender they are…

Gender Reveal Donut Party


Since most people Donut Know what you’re having you can keep it simple with coffee and a donut wall. Have some specialty donuts brought out for the reveal. Ta-da, gender revealed. Mom caffeinated. Win, win.

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