Finding your perfect fit: The ultimate maternity bra guide

Shopping for your unborn baby is one of the most exciting things to do when you’re pregnant.

There’s always a cute new outfit to add to the baby’s wardrobe and a must-have gadget that every mommy is raving about.

Amidst the frenzy of shopping for the newborn, most expectant mothers forget one thing: shopping for a maternity bra.

Therefore, many women are stuck with either going braless or using their regular bra while nursing, which can be uncomfortable and unhealthy for your breasts.

Don’t wait till you feel the need to find a maternity bra. If you buy a maternity bra in a rush, you’re likely to end up with a poor-quality, ill-fitting contraption.

Understand that a good maternity bra is more than just a stretchy bra with no underwires.

The best maternity bras are specially designed with highly-breathable yet supportive materials. They are super soft, flexible, and offer easy one-hand access for breastfeeding.

The following tips will help you find the right maternity bra every time:

1. Understand Normal Breast Changes

A woman’s body undergoes many transformations during the pregnancy and lactating period.

It is normal to experience changes in your breasts’ appearance and feel even before you realize that you’re pregnant.

During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is normal for your breasts to go through a growth phase as they prepare for lactation.

You will notice changes such as:

  • Breast tenderness
  • Darkening areolas
  • Nipple discharge
  • Rapid increase in size
  • More prominent veins

During Breastfeeding

Once you give birth and start nursing your little one, your breasts will have more changes including:

  • Engorgement
  • Leaking milk
  • Cracked or sore nipples
  • Growth in size
  • Sagginess

After Breastfeeding

Like most women, your breasts may never have the same appearance or feel as they did before your pregnancy.

You might notice that they are not as firm as before, they might be either larger or smaller or even have differing sizes. You might even notice that your nipples look or feel different.

It’s also not unusual to have stretch marks on your chest.

Being informed about all these normal breast changes will help you understand why you need a maternity bra.

Your regular bra is just not designed to meet the demands of a mother’s changing body.

A good maternity bra is soft, flexible, and supportive to meet the needs of pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

2. Shop at the Right Time

Don’t get excited and buy maternity bras too soon!

You can’t predict how your breasts will change during pregnancy and lactation, even if it isn’t your first rodeo. The truth is that every woman and pregnancy is different.

While some women might not notice significant changes in size, some can have as much as four cup sizes in breast growth.

Shopping Before Delivery

If you’re buying a maternity bra before delivery, it is best to wait till you’re around 36 weeks along. At this time, you will have gained most of your baby weight.

Your breasts will also be unlikely to have any more drastic changes in size until you’re at least eight weeks postpartum.

That said, you should switch to maternity bras as soon as your usual bras don’t fit correctly and no longer feel comfortable.

The Beautiful Maternity Bra
The Beautiful Maternity Bra designed with an emphasis on style and fit

New Bloom’s Beautiful Maternity Bra is a great choice during pregnancy. It is designed with the groundbreaking UGrow Technology, which means it will grow and change as you do.

You can wear it right from the first trimester to the end of your breastfeeding journey!

Postpartum Shopping

If you are shopping for a maternity bra after delivery, the best time is around eight weeks postpartum.

At this point in the breastfeeding journey, your milk supply is already established. Your body has learned to regulate your milk supply.

Make sure that you get fitted around midday, with your breasts full before a feeding. At this time of the day, your breasts are likely to be at their fullest size.

Go for New Bloom’s Everyday Maternity Bra, which provides optimal support without being too high.

The Everyday Maternity Bra
The Everyday Maternity Bra provides optimal support without being too high

This bra has many other attractive features that make it ideal for any lactating moms. These features include:

  • A wire-free frame
  • Super supportive cups
  • Lightly molded removable padding
  • Drop-down clasps to allow easy one-handed use
  • Breathable double layer seamless fabric
  • UGrow Technology to ensure a perfect fit all the time
  • Gentle and super comfortable support

3. Find the Perfect Fit

As we have already noted, it is normal for your breasts to change in both size and shape during pregnancy and lactation.

Although everyone is different, on average pregnant women’s bra size goes up by 1-2 cup sizes, and 1-2 band sizes from their pre-pregnancy sizes.

If your pre-pregnancy size was 34C, by the time you deliver your baby, you might be up to 36D or 36E.

After delivery, during the early breastfeeding stage, your breasts might grow by one cup size.

At eight weeks postpartum your band size will probably have gone down to your pre-pregnancy size, and your cup size will be only one size up from the pre-pregnancy size.

Finding a maternity bra that will fit you perfectly during all these stages might seem like an impossible challenge.

But with New Bloom Maternity Bras which is made with the innovative UGrow Technology, you can find a bra that will take you from pregnancy through nursing.

UGrow is a specially designed fabric that allows your bra to stretch and grow as your body changes. This ensures that your maternity bra is always fitting, comfortable, supportive, and adjustable.

Measuring Your Bra Size

Here are some expert tips on measuring your bra size:

  1. Put on a bra that feels the most comfortable at the moment (this bra should have no padding).
  2. Standing up straight and keeping your breath relaxed, place the measuring tape flat against your back.
  3. Wrap the tape around your ribcage underneath your breasts.
  4. Make sure that the tape is as taut and straight as possible.
  5. Write the measurement down - this is your under-bust measurement (band size).
  6. Take a second measurement by wrapping the tape over the fullest part of your bust and around your back.
  7. Write down the measurement - it is your over-bust measurement.

Subtract your band size from your over-bust measurement. The difference in inches corresponds to your cup size.

For example, if your under-bust measurement was 34 inches and your over-bust 37 inches, the difference is 3. The number 3 corresponds with letter C, so your bra size is 34C.

When shopping for a maternity bra, it is advisable to always buy one size up.

Measurin Bra Size
Image from: GoodHouseKeeping

Trying on a Maternity Bra

Make sure that your new maternity bra fits comfortably on the middle hooks. This will give you enough room to adjust both upwards and downwards as your band size changes.

The strap adjusters should also have enough space to allow you to loosen and tighten throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Your hands should be able to fit inside the bra cup, giving you space for breast pads.

Practice opening and closing the clasps and releasing your breast as if breastfeeding. You should be able to open and close the clasp easily with one hand to discreetly nurse your baby.

4. Buy a Maternity Sleeping Bra Too

Although some experts caution against wearing a bra to bed, many women prefer to give their breasts some overnight support.

When you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, wearing a bra to sleep is especially important for these two reasons:

  • Supporting your changing breasts
  • Holding breast pads in place to catch leakages

Instead of using a regular bra or the usual maternity bra, go for a specially designed maternity sleeping bra.

New Bloom maternity sleeping bra, which is made with breathable cotton-elastin blended fabric, can expand up to 3 sizes.

This ensures you comfortable sleep through the night. Plus you won’t have to buy more bras as your body changes!

Bonus Tip: Pack New Bloom maternity sleeping bra in your hospital bag. It will offer you the gentle support you require during labor and the early stages of breastfeeding.

New Bloom Maternity Sleeping Bra
The New Bloom Maternity Sleeping Bra ultra-breathable and soft

Get Your Dream Maternity Bra Right Now

Searching for the perfect maternity bra, especially when you’re pregnant or busy with a newborn, can be a challenging task.

Save yourself the hassle by ordering New Bloom Maternity Bras online.

You will have three, well-designed styles that can take you right from the first trimester to nursing and beyond.

Remember, you need to always have three maternity bras at hand. That way, you will always have a bra to wear, another in the wash, and the third one to spare in case of leakage.

Pregnancy and lactation are some of the most challenging phases of motherhood.

Having the right maternity bra can go a long way in making the experience a little easier.

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