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Did you know that most breast pumps only come with one set of flanges (maybe 2 if you’re lucky) and they’re the most common or standard sizes. We know breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and that goes for your nipples too! No two womens’ breasts are exactly the same, so saying “standard size” can sometimes be mis-leading and cause mothers who have average size breasts to think that they must belong in an average size flange.

Did you know that flange size has nothing to do with cup size? Oh yeah. It’s true. It’s all about nipple circumference, so you could be an A cup and still need a larger-than-average flange to get the most bang for your buck out of your pump! (not to mention comfort!) Here’s how to tell if your flange is the correct size for you:

Breast profile

-Your nipple should be able to move freely inside the tunnel of the flange, not be crammed in

-Your areola ( the soft, pigmented tissue around your nipple) should NOT be getting pulled into the tunnel of the flange

-You should be able to feel your breasts empty fully (not feel as though there are still pockets of milk)

And the number one way to tell if your flange is the wrong size...it hurts. Look, pumping isn't for the faint of heart (let’s be honest, it doesn't always seem natural to see your nipple stretched that far!) But it shouldn't be causing pain. If it is, you should try a different flange size ASAP. 

So there you have it. I went my entire breastfeeding/ pumping journey with my daughter without ever considering that I may need another size flange. I always struggled to produce enough and pumped like a mad woman… I wonder if a proper fit was what I was missing?

Sound off below and tell me about your flanges! Are you a “standard size” or did you have to size up/down?

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