8 Exquisite Nursing Bras to Suit Your Personal Style

Pregnant woman wearing a nursing bra

Get motivated to improve your personal style with our inspiring looks and tips on nursing bras!

Despite the changes your body goes through during pregnancy and postpartum, you can have fun revamping your wardrobe.

Your personal style only needs a few upgrades to keep you looking amazing and better yet, comfortable.

You don't have to 'go out of style' during this period. Consider changing what you wear underneath your clothes instead.

Wearing the wrong size bra can affect your physical health and self-esteem. Did you know your  breasts can also affect your mental health?

If you can't wait to take off your bra first thing after you get home, there's a high chance you are in the wrong bra.

Why Should You Invest in a Nursing Bra?

Unmatched Comfort

With all the changes you are going through, every activity needs a few tweaks to accommodate you. What you wear can be an added advantage.

If your bra underwire keeps digging into your chest, the elastic band squeezing your back, or your straps are cutting into your shoulders, there's a problem.

Nursing bras allow your skin to breathe. This is because they are made with materials such as cotton and bamboo. They also eliminate pains that fall on your back, shoulders, or neck. This is due to their wide straps that offer comfortable support.

Helps Ease the Nursing Process

You don't need to take off your entire bra when nursing. This is the problem with most regular bras.

Nursing bras feature cups that can be pulled aside, folded down or clipped down for easy and quick one-handed access.

This means you can pair them with the right top and be on your way!

They Grow With You

You will notice fluctuations when it comes to your breasts size through pregnancy and afterwards. It could be anywhere from one to four cup sizes. It's not uncommon for them to grow when you are nursing.

You could have an oversupply or you could become engorged.

A nursing mom needs a quality nursing bra that is made of breathable fabrics. This will provide the right amount of stretch and cater to the variations in size.

8 Nursing Bra Types to Match Your 2020 Style

1. Seamless Bra for T-Shirts

Your t-shirts don't always need to have a 'dressed down' vibe. Wearing the right size bra is what highlights your body contour. 

  • New Bloom Everyday Maternity Bra

    You need a bra that has soft, yet delicate fabric on the inside of the cups. Your nipples or breasts get sore from time to time and a high-quality everyday nursing bra will prevent any aggravation.

    The Everyday Maternity Bra
    The Everyday Maternity Bra

    You can unfasten this bra and nurse your baby one-handed. The drop-down clasps allow this process. You can wear it as you run errands around the house or for those emergency shopping runs.

    The available sizes are A-G, band 30-44  and they come in 3 colors, black, white and nude.

  • New Bloom Maternity Sleeping Bra

    Lazy day at home? Or you want a bra that you can easily throw a t-shirt over and be on your way? Then a sleeping bra is what you need.

    Sleep is crucial to keep up your energy and leave you refreshed. You need a bra that won't make things harder.

    A sleeping bra has less suspension in the straps and softer elastic bands. You are able to stretch around your ribcage (under-bust area) and back. Go for a nursing bra made from stretchy spandex and cotton for optimum comfort.

    The New Bloom Maternity Sleeping Bra
    The New Bloom Maternity Sleeping Bra

    One happy customer had this to say, "The most comfortable bra ever! I used it right through and even after breastfeeding."

    It’s available in sizes S-L in white.

2. Bralette for the Low Neckline

Want something stylish, yet versatile?

The nursing bralette by New Bloom has got you covered. You can wear your low plunging dress or top over this and not have to worry about taking off your bra while nursing.

NEW! Nursing Bralette
NEW! Nursing Bralette

The wide straps are ideal for easing pressure off your lower back. It works great for moms wanting light to medium support, flexibility and comfort.

You have two options with New Bloom’s nursing bralettes. Sizes S-XL come in pink. Nude is available in sizes XS-XXL.

3. Full Support Bra for the High Neckline

MagicLift Posture Back Support, Front Close Bra
Source: Lavana Bratique

A full support bra is designed to give you comfort all day. The bottom of the bra has a wide band that holds it all in place to avoid twisting.

The fabric is breathable and it lowers shoulder strain with the support bands. It also has a MagicLift patented design. This defines your bust and lifts it.

You can wear your tops and dresses without fear of sagging breasts beneath your outfit or bad posture.

The available sizes are B-K and come in white or cafe.

4. U-Plunge Bra for the Plunging Neckline

Feel like showing off your girls today? Or wearing that gorgeous dress but don't have the right bra for it?

It is important to feel glamorous and sexy despite the changes going through your body. nothing else boosts confidence like a beautiful nursing bra.

It gets the job done while still showing off your curves. You want to enjoy perky looking breasts while pregnant.

The answer to this is the Beautiful Maternity Bra by New Bloom. You can enjoy the comfort and look stunning in your plunging outfit.  All with a touch of lace.

The Beautiful Maternity Bra
The Beautiful Maternity Bra

It comes in three colors: white, black, and three shades of brown. It fits cups A-G.

A new mom has this to say, “It sits nice and snug in all the right places while being perfectly comfortable and supportive. My breast looks beautiful and opening and closing with one hand is a breeze.

The bra looks so beautiful. Just because I'm nursing doesn’t mean my underwear needs to look lame. Thank you for this sweet and practical and beautiful bra. And for the + sizes!”

5. Bandeau/ Strapless Bra for Off-Shoulder Outfits

A seamless strapless bra is a great way to rock your off-shoulder outfits! You can get one with removable padding that still has an inside frame for nursing.

LLLI Seamless Strapless Nursing Bra with Removable Padding
Source: Lavana Bratique

It's recommended for women with smaller busts and may not work for larger than D cup sizes.

You can choose black or nude with cup sizes of S-XL.

6. A-Frame Bra For Larger Busts

Most women with large breasts face the chance of getting plugged ducts, discomfort, or a breast infection. Please avoid nursing bras:

  • With thin straps
  • Thinner fabrics such as lace because they reduce the support your breasts need
  • Bras that don't fit

An A-frame bra has a triangle shape around the top of the breast as the cup is dropped down for nursing. It covers more of the breast and works for discreet feeding.

Clara Wirefree Bra
Source: Levana Bratique

You can go for a full support bra that has an elasticized top cut to cushion your breasts better. The sides also have seam boning for support.

These bras have a center pull, wide and restricted stretch straps that are elastic. The back straps are great for support and ensure they stay in place.

The available cup sizes are H-M in nude or chocolate colors.

7. Sports Bra for Intensive Activities 

You want your breasts to stay in place whether you're power walking in town, holding that yoga pose, or sweating at barre workouts.

LLLI Low Impact Sport Nursing Bra
Source: Levana Bratique

Your bra needs to have supportive stretchy fabric. Wireless design and adjustable straps ensure you have nothing digging into your skin during workouts.

The available size is D and comes in white or pink. 

Do You Still have a Question on Nursing Bras?

New Bloom is here to help. If you need to know how to pick out the right size or style, we will do all we can to assist you.

You can check out our nursing bras to find the one you deserve. Always consider:

  • Comfort
  • Support 
  • Longevity

At New Bloom we like to say it's safe to have at least three bras at your disposal. One to wear, one in the wash, and another in the closet. You can learn more about how many nursing bras you need and why.

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