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Oh, the growing list of things to purchase during the nine months you’re pregnant. Baby things galore and of course a zillion overly hyped things guaranteed to solve all your pregnancy woes (we’re looking at you, stretch mark cream) 

So, does a nursing bra really need to be one of those purchases? I mean, you can just use your regular bra when the time comes, right? Well.. yes...and no. Here’s the facts on if, when, and why you might need a nursing bra.

Ease of access:

New Bloom Nursing BraRegular structured bras are not meant to be pulled up or down, and typically do not have flexible cups that fold in half. This rings especially true for underwire bras. Many doctors actually don’t recommend underwires while nursing because they can compress milk ducts and lead to mastitis. If you can have an unlined wire free bra on hand, then you might be able to make it work, but a clasp can make things so much faster for you if you begin to feel like you’re fumbling.


If you are planning on just using a stretchy, unlined bra that can be pulled up or down you might find that it lacks support. Nursing bras are designed to offer support without wires so that even larger chested women are comfortable and lifted.

Shape Shifters:

Your breasts will change throughout your nursing journey. A good nursing bra is designed to move, grow, and expand with you to take you from early nursing day engorgement to weaning and everything in between. Check out our UGrow technology that helps our bras adjust to you all day long!


With a clasp allowing easy access, you’re going to avoid squishing your breasts to get them out of the bottom of a bra, or tugging them to get them out of the top. Your chest can be super sensitive when nursing, so comfort is key. 

So truthfully, you’re the only one who can say for sure if you’ll need a nursing bra. Chances are if you want guaranteed support no matter your size and quick-draw access, you should probably invest in a few. New Bloom offers a great collection of bras to fit whatever you are looking for, from lazy and comfortable to a little more refined and beautiful. Tell us below, have you found nursing bras helpful or hopeless?


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