9 Diaper Bag Essentials for Nursing Mothers

Manly Diaper Bag

It is easy to pack unnecessary items when you are out and about with your newborn.

This leaves you tired and sore when you get back home with items you didn't even use. It’s understandable to pack this way. You'd rather be safe than sorry every single time.

A quick “what to put in your diaper bag” on a search engine takes you down a rabbit hole.

There are a few basics you can consider when you pack your bag:

  • Where will you be going and how long do you plan to spend there?

    Doctors appointment? Brunch with the girls? Convenience store? This will help you determine what to bring. You always want to pack enough wipes and diapers

  • How old is your baby?

    As your baby gets older, their needs change. You will find yourself packing more items as they grow. A toddler won’t need as many diapers as a newborn, for example, but they may need more snacks than a nursing infant.

You probably have the basics covered by now. The diapers, wipes, and extra baby clothes.

What about items meant to give you a break?

Do You Carry Any of These Essentials in Your Diaper Bag?

1. Everyday Maternity Bra for Comfort 

You will find yourself feeding your baby quite often. This is common in the first few weeks.

Have you experienced cluster feeding? If so, you know easy access to breast milk is of the utmost importance.

Why not get an everyday maternity bra that provides optimal support? New Bloom offers a wide range of maternity bras made of breathable fabric.

You can choose:

  • The Beautiful Maternity Bra

    The Beautiful Maternity Bra
    The Beautiful Maternity Bra

    It’s great from pregnancy to breastfeeding. If you like a touch of lace on your undergarments then this is your go-to bra without sacrificing comfort!

  • The Nursing Bralette

    NEW! Nursing Bralette
    NEW! Nursing Bralette

    It is made from stretchy spandex and plush cotton that allows a comfortable fit.

    It is underwire free which gives you room to unclip each cup. This means you don’t have to take off your whole bra when you breastfeed.

  • The Everyday Maternity Bra

    It comes with removable padding and drop-down clasps that let you breastfeed one-handed. You need at least three of these!

  • Maternity Sleeping Bra

    The New Bloom Maternity Sleeping Bra
    The New Bloom Maternity Sleeping Bra

    Sleep is the one thing you probably can’t get enough of. This bra is made to expand up to three sizes, giving you enough room to stretch without anything digging into your skin. It has no wires, straps, buttons, or clips.

2. Herbal Tea for That Calming Effect

You need to stay hydrated, always!

Did you know that according to the European Food Safety Authority nursing moms should have 9 glasses of water a day?

This is easier said than done with all that’s on your plate. Your focus is on feeding the tiny mouth you’ve been blessed with, so what’s all this water business?

You’ll remove toxins, ward off headaches, boost milk production, and increase your focus and energy levels. All from drinking water.

If you are not used to drinking so much water on the daily, you can also try some cool herbal tea. This will help you cool off and revitalize during your errands. Spice it up!

Do you know how much water you should take? You can learn to build up your hydration habit and tips to get your daily water in!

3. An Interesting Read to Pass the Time

There are times your mind is wide awake and there’s nothing that needs your immediate attention. Perhaps long car rides, or afternoons when you have just put your little one to nap. 

You can take a break from all the self-help parenting books. Dive into your favorite genre and relax your mind. A great romance, adventure, or mystery novel should have your toes curling in delight.

4. Emergency Nail Spa Vouchers

With all the nursing, cleaning, and exercising, you have a lot on your plate. When was the last time you got your nails done? Better yet, when was the last time you had time to get your nails done?

You still want to look and feel good about yourself whenever possible. This is one way to treat yourself when you have the time.

5. Lip Balm for Chatting With Other Moms 

This is important for all those times you feel like you’ve had too much baby talk, your lips might as well just fall off. It could be a three-hour phone call with your mum or best friend.

Sometimes, your errands feel a bit too much.

You get tired easily and that makes most tasks feel unpleasant. Even talking.

A nursing mother needs to be gentle with herself too. Just like the nail spa voucher, lip balm is part of your self-care package. 

6. Snacks to Keep Your Energy Up

Some days you probably feel like you are becoming one with your nursing chair, considering how much time you spend there!

Snacking is a great way to stay on your feet if you are a busy mom.

Did you know breastfeeding is one easy way to bond with your newborn? It is true that it can be an all-consuming process, but you are providing the full nutrition your baby needs to grow.

Your snacks should: 

  • Be easy to prepare
  • Encourage lactation
  • Be nutritious

Nursing moms worry about how much they should eat and what should be avoided. It is important to understand the basics of breastfeeding nutrition.

Handed Snacks for New Moms
Source: the kitchn

You need a variety of nutritious whole foods that will help you stay energized and healthy. Here are a few quick and easy breastfeeding snacks.

7. Nursing Pads to Hold the Leaks

Do you sometimes feel like an emergency fire hose? Most breastfeeding moms can count on leaking. It has no respect for the occasion or location!

Nursing pads take in milk that leaks after feedings. They are placed inside your bra to keep your breasts dry. This will keep milk away from your blouses and shirts.

They save you from having to change the top half of your outfit every couple of hours.

Ultra-Thin Bamboo Nursing Pads
Ultra-Thin Bamboo Nursing Pads

Our Ultra-Thin Bamboo Nursing Pads are hypoallergenic and soft to the touch. They are highly absorbent, soft and you get 30 pieces in each box!

8. Hair Ties/ Bobby Pins for Emergencies

How many times have your bobby pins and hair ties disappeared? This seems to happen right when you need one.

Like when sweat plasters to your face after exercise? Or when your baby finds your hair more fascinating to tug on when you are trying to nurse them.

They especially come in handy for bad hair days you weren't prepared for. You can run your hands through your hair and pull off the messy bun look!

Since things don't always go as planned, you need to find ways to create comfort for you and your baby anywhere. In cases where your shirt keeps falling over or between your baby and your breast, you could use hair ties to hold up your shirt

Having a few hair essentials in a little pouch can make life a little easier.

9. Portable Phone Charger While on the Run

Late-night nursing sessions also double up as social media interaction sessions. You know, when all is quiet, your tasks are all done and you are waiting for your baby to sleep again. 

In this sleep-deprived state, you may forget to plug your phone back in. A portable charger will ensure you don’t have to stop and start searching for places to charge your phone while running errands.

You can continue your grocery shopping in peace.

Whatever You Bring in Your Diaper Bag Make Sure it Makes Your Life Easier

Moms really learn to embrace ingenuity when taking care of their young ones. It’s impossible to truly prepare for all motherhood brings but armed with the right essentials and the right attitude, you can tackle most of the unexpected!

Just remember, you need to take care of yourself too. Ensuring your own comfort is the best way to stay ready for all of life’s surprises. What better way to do so than having New Bloom Maternity wear provide such comfort? You deserve it.

Head over to our maternity bras section and find the right fit and fabric that is perfect for you.


Image: Richard Elzey

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