Buying Your Nursing Bra: 3 Price Saving Factors to Keep in Mind

Buying Your Nursing Bra

Buying a nursing bra may seem overwhelming or confusing. But this article will help you identify 3 price saving factors that will ensure you find your ideal nursing bra.

breast size and volume increases
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The perfect nursing bra should be:

  • Well-fitted and give you support as well as comfort.
  • Durable enough to last through all the body changes you’ll experience.
  • Affordable enough to fit your maternity budget.

“So impressed! This is my second pregnancy and expanded so quickly this time around, so I needed new bras fast. I assumed all nursing bras were ****** and uncomfortable and wasn't looking forward to wearing my old ones. When I saw these, I thought I'd take the risk. Great investment! So surprised by the great fit and comfort. Sooo worth it.”

Before making a decision, you will weigh several factors. Often, these factors will differ from one woman to another.

Today, more women look to brands for size, color and style inclusivity

Market reports show that women prefer spending money on inclusive brands. This trend is spilling over to maternity wear and nursing bras, creating more options for consumers.

You don’t have to spend more to get a stylish nursing bra in your size or skin tone. You can focus on quality and value for money.

Investing in a Quality Nursing Bra

While investing in a nursing bra, you should focus on:

  • Comfort
  • Versatility
  • Support

During pregnancy and after giving birth, you will notice a lot of growth in your body. In most cases, your breasts and rib cage will grow, forcing you to reconsider your bra options.

At this point, quality, comfort, and functionality will influence your decision.

What Influences the Quality of a Nursing Bra

Obvious qualities such as fabric, the type of hooks, and the straps will affect the quality of a bra.

In most cases, reputable brands will meet basic quality standards. They will offer a basic bra to serve your most urgent needs.

While analyzing quality, you need to go beyond the basics and look into factors such as:

The Number of Components on the Nursing Bra. On a basic bra, you’ll find a single fabric covering your cups and a band going around your chest with hooks and simple straps. More components such as lace, sliders, and padding will improve quality. A simple component such as an adjustable strap gives you more flexibility and value for money.

The brand’s production capacity. Bigger brands concentrate on numbers. They tend to focus on the basics without a specific emphasis on quality. Often, they will create different categories to take advantage of different demographics. The price in each category will reflect the quality of the bra.

With smaller brands, there is more attention to quality. You will have a smaller selection of higher quality nursing bras for a few extra dollars.

The type of accessories. In most cases, you will find simple and accessory free bras. As brands try to diversify, you now have a wider selection of nursing bras with accessories. Since your bra is a functional garment, the quality of accessories matters.

While looking at quality, you should focus on accessories such as:

  • Nursing clasp. You need an easy to use and high-quality clasp. Look for a highly durable clasp. It should withstand multiple uses and washes.
  • Hook and eye. Your hook and eye should accommodate your breasts at their largest. The stitching, material, and size of the hook matter.

What is the Relationship Between Quality and the Pricing of Nursing Bras

Making high-quality nursing bras requires care and detail.

Prices will often depend on a few factors such as:

The Quality of Materials

Higher quality materials cost more money. But, global brands can save on material costs by buying in bulk. In such cases, they can offer the same quality as smaller independent brands for less.

If a brand invests in patented fabric technology, it will increase the cost of production. In such cases, customers will often get more value for their money. They can offer superior quality nursing bras for only a few extra dollars.

The Cost of Design and Production

The design and production of nursing bras take time. Often, brands will spend a lot of time engaging customers to understand their needs. They will use this feedback to improve the quality of nursing bras.

The design and production process of a new maternity bra can take up to 18 months. As the following video explains, the construction of a bra requires a lot of resources.

To pay for the development of a new product, brands will transfer the cost to you.

Distribution and Retail Mark-Ups

The amount of money you pay will depend on the number of middle-men between you and the manufacturer.

If you buy a product directly from the brand’s website, you cut middlemen and save money. Brands such as New Bloom Maternity will even offer free shipping and exchanges if you spend as little as $30.

“I am in my 3rd trimester and was on the hunt for a comfortable and affordable nursing bra. I stumbled across this brand, and their customer service is great! I ordered one size, ended up being too big, and after chatting with a rep, they recommended a size down (S+). They provided the exchange label and sent out the new size right away. Super easy! When the new size came, I tried it on. It fits! It's comfy! And it definitely has some room to stretch for when my milk comes in. It's now my favorite maternity bra as well. Size-wise, I am 5'9" and I currently wear between a 34-36 DD, depending on who makes the bra. Pre-pregnancy I was a 34 C/D.”

The Beautiful New Bloom Maternity Bra - with seamless soft cups, ideal for breastfeeding.

Find Quality Nursing Bras and Save Money

A brand such as New Bloom Maternity offers products you can use repeatedly. You can invest in a few pieces to serve you over a long period of time.

To save money, you need to find the right balance between functional basics and quality. In a nursing bra, you should look for:

Quality Material and Fabrics

Since you’ll be wearing your nursing bras daily, you need a soft, breathable, durable, and machine-washable fabric.

Top choices for nursing bras include cotton and silk. Most bras will blend this with a stretchy fabric such as rubber, knits, and spandex.

This creates a hybrid and highly flexible fabric. In a nursing bra, it will expand and shrink to give you flexibility as your breast size changes.

When choosing between silk and cotton, you should consider simple characteristics such as:

Withstands high temperatures and is machine washable Prone to shrinkage
Fabric Qualities Care

Elastic and warm

Highly absorbent

Soft and comfortable on the skin

Works well when blended with other fabrics

Withstands high temperatures and is machine washable

Prone to shrinkage


Very soft and shiny

Delicate with a beautiful fit

Thermo protective

Soft and very delicate

Requires dry cleaning or hand washing

Light and dries fast

Strap Support

As hormones change in pregnancy, your breasts will get bigger and heavier.

In most cases, you will need a new set of maternity bras to accommodate this change and support the extra weight.

Unlike straps on standard bras, you need stronger straps to carry the weight of your new breasts.

You should look for a nursing bra with:

  • Thick straps to better distribute the weight of your breasts on the shoulder. A thin strap will create dents on your shoulders and can lead to shoulder pains.
  • Lining on the straps to reduce the pressure on your shoulders when your breasts get heavier. The weight of your breasts will fluctuate. Your breasts get heavier when they fill up with milk and lighter after breastfeeding. The lining will protect your shoulders from the pressure.
  • Adjustable straps to help you loosen or tighten the bra as necessary.

Quality of Final Product

Always inspect the overall finish and feel of the nursing bra before spending money. Focus on:

  • The quality and finish of the stitches. Stay away from any nursing bra with loose threads or frayed edges.
  • The elasticity of the bands. It should stretch with ease and fall back into the original size.
  • The overall feel of the bra. You need a soft bra as it will be in contact with both you and your baby’s skin.

Where Can You Find Quality Nursing Bras at an Affordable Price?

New Bloom Maternity specializes in offering customers quality maternity products.

To guarantee you value for money, they:

  • Invest in the development of high-quality fabrics. Their UGrow technology combines the best of consumer demands and medical research. This gives you a bra that stretches and shrinks to give you the perfect fit at all times.
  • Offer free shipping and exchanges to ensure you get the perfect fit. You can order nursing bras in different sizes, find the right size, and exchange the rest for your size.
  • Online shopping to cut middle-men, saving you money. On their website, you have direct access to brand representatives. 

If you are ready to get quality nursing bras and save money, visit New Bloom Maternity and start shopping.

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