Quick and Easy Breastfeeding Snacks

breastfeeding snacks

Oh, the life of a nursing mother. Constantly famished, but too busy toting around a little one to eat much with that one free hand.  Well friend, let us help you stifle your ravenous appetite with these quick and easy snacks that are great for breastfeeding mommas. You won’t have to spend long prepping them and they’ll give you a much needed nutritious energy boost! Be sure to head over to see our collection of maternity bras!

Bonus: most of these can be prepped in large quantities as well!

Overnight Oats

The whole concept of overnight oats is great...prep ahead, zero cooking time,  throw it in the fridge and pull it out whenever you want one. The flavor combinations are endless so you won't get bored, and did I mention that you don't cook it? Plus, oats are great for breast milk production!

The most basic recipe that you can build off of is this one:

In a small bowl or better yet, a mason jar (so that you can make a bunch and stack them easily in the fridge) combine:

¾ C oatmeal 
¾ C of your favorite milk/milk substitute
2 Tbs of high protein greek yogurt (like Dannon Oikos)
1 Tsp of vanilla (or just a little splash if you’re not into measuring;)
1 Tsp of chia seeds and/or ground flax seeds (optional, but extra healthy points)
From there- add in yummy things like…
 ¼-½ of a diced banana and  some chocolate chips
4 diced Strawberries and granola on top
Apple sauce, apple pie spice, and diced apple

Possibilities are endless!


Trail Mix

We’re not talking the crusty trail mix of your scout days with those raisins that were so dried out you couldn't even chew them. We’re talking about a grown up, custom mix of what you like best. 

One of our fav combos is this chocolate-cherry blend:

Roasted, salted, shelled pistachios (because no one has time to shell these things)
Raw almonds
Brazil nuts (excellent source of selenium) 
Dried cherries 
Mini  dark chocolate chips

Just mix them all together and store in an airtight container. 


Cheese Sticks

No explanation needed. Quick, easy, kid friendly ( you’ll likely need to pull one out for your toddler too!) and available in mass quantities. What more can you want?


Hard Boiled Eggs

They’ll pack a protein punch and you can make them in bulk in an instant pot! Peel ahead of time and store in an airtight container in the fridge (unless you’re McGiever and can peel an egg with one hand while nursing, and if so, please send video proof, you super human…)


Chicken Salad | Tuna Salad | Egg Salad

Pick your favorite and make a giant bowl. You can turn it into a quick sandwich, dip in some crackers or veggies, or just tote the whole thing with you and eat with a spoon


Lactation Smoothie

lactation smoothieThe recipes for great smoothies are endless. Pick your favorite and make ahead. Freeze in individual portions and move one portion from the freezer to the fridge every night to have ready for a mid- morning nursing session. Alternatively, you could gather the ingredients, freeze those in zipper bags and have them ready to pop in to a blender. In a few seconds you’ll have a fresh smoothie!


Peanut butter and Chocolate Lactation Energy Balls

With oats, chocolate, and glorious peanut butter, these snack bites are filling and delish. Make a bunch ahead of time and keep them in the fridge!

Check out the Energy Balls now!

We think that you are going to love these recipes so much that you may need some stretchy pants! We have a great line of maternity leggings that you will love so much, you will be wearing them long after pregnancy! Have more ideas on quick and healthy snacks for nursing moms? Let us know! Post your fav snack below!


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