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The ad campaign “Got Milk” is laughable. You not only have milk enough for your baby, but you can basically make milkshakes for the neighborhood and still have leftovers.

 So, what do you do with all that excess? Get a deep freezer and prep for the apocalypse? Possibly.  Here’s some other practical (and less expensive) ways of using up that liquid gold. 

-Milk share. Our number one recommendation of what to do with extra milk is to share the love! There are many moms that cannot breastfeed for a multitude of reasons, but desperately want to give their baby the immune boosting health benefits of mothers milk. Many NICU babies have mothers whose milk hasn't fully come in yet since they raced out of the womb a bit early. You can help fill this gap and make a momma’s heart so happy by sharing your abundance. Where to go for such a thing?


Milk storage chart

(If you would like to print out the chart above, please click on the image. Once the new window appears, right click on the image and hit save image)

- Your local hospital. If you reach out to the mother/ baby ward and let them know that you’ve got milk to share, they will send you to the correct spot. Many times there's one main hospital in an area that has a Milk Bank (usually it’s the Children's Hospital). With a quick sign off from your Doc and pediatrician and a finger prick to confirm that you are not a drug user, you can happily off-load your over supply and help others.

- A Facebook mothers group. There’s a million groups for moms on Facebook. Perhaps you’re already a part of one. Make a post, or reach out to an admin about your excess supply and we have seen first hand how many people will be happy to take it

- A local lactation consultant or Doula. Give them a ring and ask if they have any clients that may be struggling and need some extra milk. If they don't have anyone currently, they’ll give you a number for a local milk bank.

 - Milk Baths for your baby ( and you, if you’re needing a DIY spa day) Breast milk contains Lauric Acid, which is a fatty acid also found in coconut oil. It can help moisturize your skin, heal baby acne and little irritations, as well as help clear up diaper rash.

There’s all sorts of ways to use your excess. A quick search online results in everything from breast milk jewelry to soap making kits. Tell us, what’s your preferred method of off-loading any excess milk?


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