Nursing Bras: 3 Important Questions No One Is Answering

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What’s one word you can use to describe a mother? The first that comes to mind is amazing.

Being a mom or mom-to-be is no small feat. Let’s not forget the different changes that your body goes through during the process. Yet, at the end of it all you handle it like a champ!

This new journey also comes with a change in wardrobe style. For one, you may ask yourself why you need a nursing bra.

‘’A maternity bra is a customized brassiere that is used by pregnant or lactating women. It enables comfortable breastfeeding without removing the bra. A maternity bra is also called a nursing bra or feeding bra.’’

-Transparency Market Research

Well, this article has the best answers for you!

Consider this question from a fellow mom below:

She has every right to know why you need a great nursing bra, and so do you.

When you’re breastfeeding or relaxing in the house, nursing bras take the cake over regular bras any day. Here’s why:

  • Give extra comfort for sore nipples. Maternity bras offer the correct support you need to keep your breast shells in place and ease the pain.
  • Breastfeeding becomes easier. Compared to regular bras, with nursing bras you don’t need to take your whole breast out. Instead, it has flaps you can open and close when you need to nurse your baby.
  • Exercising becomes more fun. An increase in breast size and volume shouldn’t stop you from working out. According to research, maternity bras are an excellent choice for physically active moms.

By now, you must have read countless articles on nursing bras with the same questions over again. When you’re doing your maternity shopping, you need to know what you need and why you need it.

To make your journey easy-peasy, here are 3 important questions you need answers to.

Enough with the chit-chat. Let’s get started!

Question #1: Does My Breastfeeding Position Determine the Design of My Nursing Bra?

Different positions? That’s right, ladies. Researchers identify the most common breastfeeding positions as in the image below.

Breastfeeding Positions
Image Source:

Without a doubt, these positions cause backaches and tension on the neck. This is why you feel tired most of the time. 

Don’t worry about it. You’re not alone on this journey and there’s always a great solution.

What works best is to invest in yourself. Buying maternity bras should be a hassle-free and exciting experience for any mom. Reading this shows you’re ready to make that happen.

The best nursing bras help provide solutions to breastfeeding ergonomics.

  1. Breathable Material

    It’s time to ditch the bras that make you feel itchy. Excellent everyday maternity bras have soft cups to make your life care-free.

    Not forgetting, it has a lightly molded padding. This helps in making breastfeeding more of a bonding experience for you and your baby.

    ‘’Jane described a wearable product that provided comfort and relief. This was recommended by her lactation consultant.’’

    -Thesis by Linsey A Gordon

  2. Offers the Right Amount of Support

    You’re at a stage where your breasts are changing fast and you don’t know what to do with them. 

    Hey, you can still look and feel confident about your body. 

    With a great nursing bra, your back gets the right support and gives your breasts a full shape too.

  3. Comfortability

    With all the possible breastfeeding angles there are, you deserve to feel comfortable. With a tonne of things on your mind, you can forget to watch your posture. You need to get your blood flowing to keep your neck and shoulders at ease.

    Nursing bras ensure you live in comfort as you go about your day. When you can, use a pillow as you breastfeed to keep your body relaxed.

  4. Removable and Replaceable Nursing Pads

    Accidents happen and sometimes your breastmilk may leak through your fabulous shirt making you feel... well, not-so-fabulous. A little breast milk shouldn’t ruin your day.

    The best kind of maternity bras comes with replaceable nursing pads. So, you can slip 2 or 3 pairs into your handbag and change when you need to. 

    Et voila! No more wet patches!

    The Everyday Maternity Bra
    The Everyday Maternity Bra

Question #2: Do I Have to Keep Buying New Nursing Bras?

Let’s face it when you’re a pregnant or nursing mum, your breasts change a lot. Sometimes more than you feel you can handle. They grow in size and change in volume, which makes them feel heavy.

Changes in breasts happen in 3 major phases.

Growth phase
Growth phase
during pregnancy.

The post-birth phase
The post-birth phase
when they begin to produce milk.

Breastfeeding phase
Breastfeeding phase, which depends
on how much milk you produce.

Before you know it, you’re off to buy some more bras.

With today’s advancements in science, you don’t need to break the bank for new nursing bras. You have UGrow Technology to thank for that. 

Nursing bras made with this material handle your weight fluctuation like it’s a piece of cake. This gives your maternity bras the ability to stretch and grow with your body. No matter what your body type is, this is every mom’s dream.

Can you feel the excitement already? Now you can breastfeed your baby with a smile on your face.

Every mom needs a nursing bra that’s always the perfect fit!

All you need to do now is ensure you buy the perfect nursing bra. Have a look at these hacks on finding a well-fitting maternity bra on your first try:

  • The best time to buy a nursing bra.

    Every pregnancy is unique and women see the changes in their bodies at different times.

    Health experts advise that you fit yourself around 8 months into your pregnancy. This is because most of the changes to your breasts have happened. Thus, you get a well-fitting nursing bra.

  • How to measure your bra size.

    It’s easier to get the maternity bra you want with online shopping. First, you need to know your bra size to do this.

    A nursing bra that fits you correctly is vital to your health and well-being. Researchers find that a professional bra fitting criterion is more accurate.

    Have a look at the perfect sizing chart below for the best results:

Everyday Bra Size Chart
The Everyday Maternity Bra Size Chart

The Beautiful Maternity Bra Size Chart
The Beautiful Maternity Bra Size Chart

‘’I was hesitant to buy online without having a chance to try this bra on but I am happy to say that I found the maternity bra I was looking for!... This bra provides the comfort I desperately needed!’’

-Molly D

With that, how many nursing bras do you need? There’s no standard number but what should guide you is how fast your body changes. It’s important to have three to four nursing bras at hand, and one as a back up when the others need a wash.

Question #3: Are There Nursing Bras for Physically Active Mothers?

Did you know that 96.5% of women take part in physical activity during pregnancy? From yoga to a simple walk on a treadmill, exercise is essential for mothers. So, why not purchase a maternity bra that fits in with your daily needs?

It’s important to embrace your journey and be happy, both on the inside and outside. You shouldn’t let your pregnancy keep you from being you.

When you invest in yourself, the outcome is invaluable.

You will feel the effects of choosing a great nursing bra almost instantaneously:

  • You will be able to produce more milk.

    Wearing a bra with an underwire is unhealthy, as it blocks the milk ducts.

    Instead, maternity bras provide you with enough comfort to help reduce your frustrations and make breastfeeding easier too.

  • You’ll be able to sleep better.

    You can slip into a more flexible maternity bra at night. Your nipples will feel less sore because of the breathable material. And you still have easy access for nighttime feeding.

Unlocking the Secret Potential of Nursing Bras

The most crucial part about motherhood is embracing your body. Your ability to grow another human and nurture them after birth is beautiful. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Finding the perfect nursing bra plays a key role in your life.

New Bloom Maternity is here for you every step of the way. It’s never been easier to save time and resources by shopping for your maternity wear online.

Finding your perfect nursing bra is only one click away.

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